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My African Wife - Season 1 - Episode 17

My African Wife  - Season 1 - Episode 17
Mr and Mrs Brown engaged in a discussion at the middle of the night when their children were asleep.

“when are we going to work on the divorce between Danny and Edith because I don’t want a bad name” Mr Brown began.
“God forbid ” Mrs Brown answered shaking her head.

“what are you saying? You don’t want them to divorce officially or what? ” he asked confusedly
“why will you be planning on your daughter’s divorce? ” she asked
“sure, he has gotten someone better of course. She no longer look pleasant to him so let him go ahead and marry the new Mrs Right that he got for himself” he said.
She moved away from him and turned on the bedroom light “I’m really disappointed in you. If we are to look into this and judge who do you think is faulty between the two? ” she asked peering at him.

“He cheated on her of course, how will you feel if you get to know that another woman is carrying my own child? ”
“I’ll feel the way you felt when I denied you of sex or don’t you know she was the one who pushed him to the world? ” she fired back

“really? So you’re in support of what Danny did right? ” he asked almost in a rage.
“Honey I’m not saying he did the right thing. Edith was wrong and Danny also took a wrong step to tackle things. If Edith has not acted childishly he wouldn’t have admired another lady you know that ” she said in a low tone.

He was calm for a while, he knew his wife was right but his option for divorce sounds good to him “the deed has been done already what do you think we should do? ” he asked

She smiled when she realized her husband has understood her own perspective of the whole issue “it’s not bad training another woman’s child, it should be a scar on her so that next time she should hold her husband like egg. I suggest she give birth to the baby while Edith and Danny take care of the baby. Whenever she wants to see her child she should visit them and Danny should also take his eyes off her ” she said

He breathed hard “I don’t think the idea is good at all. Training your husband’s first child from another woman. If Edith agrees fine but if she insist please don’t persuade her because she’s the one who understands herself. If she wants a divorce fine you work on it” He said and turned to sleep.

Mrs Brown believed Edith would listen to
her suggestion because she knew how Edith so much love her husband and she doesn’t want them to start having problems so early.


Early the next morning after the usual morning devotion Mrs Brown called Edith to discuss with her personally.
She rubbed her eyes and followed her mum who insisted they discuss in her room. Her eyes were already swollen, she had a sleepless night with horrible dreams due to the imagination of what had happened to her.
“How was your nigh? I know you’ve been upset ” her mom asked

“I’m pretty good mum, although I still felt I’m dreaming a bad dream and needs someone to wake me up ” she said amidst tears but she was not ready to let the tears drop.

“I know how you feel and I wish I could relieve you of your pains. We were late on our plans ”
“plans? What plans are you talking about? ” she asked surprised
“Remember when you told me your husband had lost interest in you, I mean the last time you came and your dad insisted you go back? That was the time he lost his interest in you and was attracted to another person. Now that he has your time the past is hunting for him but it’s not still too late yet because I have a solution for you ” she said.

Edith sobbed freely as her mum speaks, she knew her mother was right because that day was the beginning of everything “but he wouldn’t have heed to temptation, he never knew my fears and he never ask to know about it.” she said

Her mum felt for her, she pet her hair “My dear I know your fears but it’s not easy to keep a man like that, the deed had been done but I can help you ”
“what kind of help do I need now? Everything has ended ” she said placing her hands in her head.

“Yeah you still have hope, you are a woman and you have to live like a wise woman, a wise woman build her house but a foolish woman destroys it. Be the wise woman, although I’m not praying for the baby to die but it might happen like that, the lady my lost the baby. Forget about listing the baby, let her give birth to the baby then give it to you so that you’ll bring up the baby as yours beside you are the step mother.” she said
“No mum, I will always feel somehow whenever I see the baby and maybe I’ll grow hatred for innocent child who knows nothing, I don’t want to be a devil. Let him go ahead and marry her maybe that’s what fate want for me” she said
“Don’t say so dear, don’t allow another woman take what is rightfully yours, if you can’t take care of the innocent child then give me and I promise to take good care of the child as my grandchild. Do you know if you divorce your husband you’ll become a laughing stock? ”

Edith tried to understand her mother but she find it hard “mum what if I visit you and see the baby here? It will spoil my day” she said
Mrs Brown knew Edith too well that she doesn’t hide her jealousy, she held her close to herself “Edith think about, coming back home will not help you. Remarrying will not produce Mr Right.”

“okay mum I’ll think about it ”
“that’s my baby and stop crying ” she said and peck her before leaving for work.


During the day Charles kept her company, he cracked jokes just to make her to laugh forcefully knowing how upset she was and was not happy to see his kid sister in such kind of mood.

They chatted and chatted until Edith brought the topic of his girlfriend “Charles it’s like you’ve been lying to us all this while, the other day it was the flight that made you not to introduce your girlfriend to us. Now that you’re back what is withholding you? ” she said teasingly.

He laughed “I’m not lying, I have a girlfriend and not just a mare girlfriend. She’s my fiancée and because of what you said I’ll bring her over here for dinner today. She has been stocked up with diverse activities but I’m gonna pick bring her today” he said
“yeah I challenge you to bring my sister-in-law, our very own iyawo to come and see her ” she said jokingly.
“okay I’ll bring her but promise you’re gonna prepare dinner for us ” he said
“ah I promise o, so long as iyawo is involved ” she said
He laughed.

(Charles Pov)

Kid sister was right, I always have one excuse or the other whenever I want to bring Annabel over to our house.
I freshened up for Annabel’s house “don’t worry sis, I’m coming with my Anny baby ” I said and she laughed
“okay o, I’m waiting ” she said…..
I like it whenever she laughs or smiles….. She’s a pain killer so she doesn’t deserve to be hurt….. I thought of what her husband had done to her and I promise never to cheat on my lady….

I got to Anabel’s house, she was at home sleeping….. Immediately she opened the door she hugged me so tight…. “I miss you my queen ” I said

I informed her about taking her to my house…. She was so excited …..
We set to my house then it was dark I believed my parent would be back already…. She looked perfect on her red gown….


Mr and Mrs Charles were well dressed sitting inthe living room while Edith was at the kitchen preparing the dinner when the door bell rang…. Mrs Brown opened the door for Charles and Annabel to enter…. She was welcomed to the house by her mother-in-law to be…..

Mrs Brown called Edith to come and see the person she has being longing to see…. Annabel who recognized Mrs Brown was uncomfortable already until when Edith came which worsen it….

On seeeing Annabel as her brother’s fiancée she fainted immediately while Annabel was very uncomfortable….. Mr and Mrs Brown were confused same as Charles…..


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