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My African Wife - Season 1 - Episode 24

My African Wife  - Season 1 - Episode 24

Annabel tried to slap her but she moved swiftly away from her. She called the securities to send her away, the loud noise drew Danny’s attention….

He went out to check, “Annabel again? ” he asked no one in particular….
“So what are you saying about our unborn babies? ” she asked facing Danny
He laughed “let’s go for DNA test of course ” he gave the security sign to take her out….

“I’ll deal with you Gift and Danny stupid set of people!!! I know that the both of you are seeing each other ” she said while the security guard was dragging her out….

She left crying. Danny warned all the security guards never to allow her in again…


Danny was so happy when he saw Edith, she apologized to him as her mum advised her and he did the same knowing they were both wrong… At dinner Charles proposed to Gift and she accepted without hesitation, she had always long to be someone’s wife and not just someone like anyone, Charles particularly…..


Charles took Gift to the alter. The wedding was so great…. Gift’s mum was happy and proud of her……. Few weeks later the couples relocated abroad while a very big mansion was built for her mother…..


Rose tummy grew big days after days until she was due to be put to bed, she gave birth to two set of babies, a male and a female successfully. On the day of her children naming ceremony, Belinda was put to bed…. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Edith did not find it easy at all, she couldn’t give birth to the baby on her own according to the doctor that the baby was very big so she was taken to the theatre, the operation was successful. She gave birth to a baby boy…..

The three families lived happily ever as best of friends….

Annabel was seen crying helplessly…



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