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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2182 Recap - Aired: Monday 04 December 2017

'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2182 Recap - Aired: Monday 04 December 2017
'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2182 Recap - Aired: Monday 04 December 2017

Bimpe is lying on the couch under her duvet.
Her phone rings and she ignores it.
Shina advises her to put it on silent.

His own phone rings and he ignores the call from Damini.
He advises Bimpe to go out, make her hair or at least do something other than staying home feeling miserable.

He tries to make her get up.
She calls him mad and says he is just like Damini.
He says he will call Ene to come and see her.
She tells him to pass by the office and get her things.

Charles is having a meeting with his team.
He tells Tony to stand up.
Tony stands.
Charles tells everyone in the room that Tony has done very bad things such as theft and fraud and he's trying to change his ways
Tony protests.

Charles says he's doing it for his own good.
Tony is embarrassed as the whole room stares.
Serena is at home.
She talks to Alexis on the phone and gets bored.

She turns on the TV, then she hears a knock on the door. It's Sankey.
Sankey enters and asks if Chief is harassing Serena.

Serena says he's behaving himself so far.
Sankey warns her not to let down her guard, knowing who Chief is because they don't want to worry about her.

Serena asks who else she's referring to since she used a plural.
Snakey ignores the question and tells her to stay safe.

Ene comes to see Bimpe.
Bimpe hugs her.
Ene asks what's wrong.
Bimpe says she's never been this embarrassed; she introduced Damini to her family but his brother and mother don't even know about her and his family thinks he's still dating Bisola.

Ene is upset with all guys who think they are men but are just bumbling boys.
Bimpe says Chuks is a man.
Ene tells her not to mention him because he has done something too.

Philip and Yaya return home.
Melissa the nurse gives them the bad news that Monica left the house
Philip and Yaya panic.

Philip calls her the worst nurse ever.
Melissa says Monica tricked her
Philip shouts and lunges at her.
Yaya pulls him back and warns Melissa to shut up.

Freddie is on the phone with Salewa.
He explains to her that he didn't set her up with OT
OT enters the room and Freddie gives him the phone.

OT calls Salewa 'Aunty' and apologises to her.
She forgives him.
Freddie says he's leaving in a few days for school and wants them to hang out before then.

Tony is walking through the office carpark.
Nero stops him.
Tony asks why Nero decided to hook him up with the internship.

Nero asks what happened.
Tony says Charles rubbed his past in his face, in front of everyone.
Nero is shocking.

Tony says Nero has been good to him and he apprecciates it but he's done.
He walks.

Nero tries to stop him but Tony doesn't listen.
Shina is in Bimpe's office.
He picks up her things from the Temp and tells her that Bimpe is sick.
Damini comes in and the Temp excuses them.
Damini begs Shina to help him as Bimpe is not taking his calls.

Shina says he doesn't want to get involved.
Damini pleads with him.
Shina gives in.
Sankey is at Philip's place.
She asks if he has pictures of Monica so she can give her men.

Philip says he doesn't.
Sankey says she will get her command in Benue to help with a photo from Monica's file.
She asks if they have any information that can help with the search.

Yaya tells her the route she and Monica usually take walks on.
Mimi and Tessa are having lunch at Ziggy's.
Mimi asks how the deal with Sheila went.
Tessa says Sheila has promised to give her a juicy exclusive.

Mimi says she thought Tessa was going to tear Sheila to shreds in the article.
Tessa says Philip and Sheila now owe her and when the time is right, she will collect.
Serena comes to see Brenda at home.
Brenda doesn't look too thrilled to see her.
Serena tells her that part of the arrangement she had with Chief is for him to keep away from Brenda and her family.

Brenda asks if she's serious.
Serena says she told Chief to keep away from her friends.
Brenda asks if they are now friends.
Serena says she and Sankey are not really friends so when she came to check on her, she knew it was Brenda who sent her.
Tochi returns from school with his nanny.
Amaka comes downstairs to welcome him.
Dikibo calls Amaka from upstairs saying he's missing her already.

Amaka tells Tochi and the nanny that she has to go as her husband needs her.
Bimpe enters her flat and she's shocked to see Damini waiting inside.

He explains that Shina helped him get in.
Bimpe calls him a liar who has been stringing her along yet his family members don't know about her; no wonder Bisola is still sending him anniversary present.

Damini shows her a cake he brought.
It has 'I'm sorry' written on it.
Bimpe dips her hand in the cake, grabs a piece and smears it in Damini's face and orders him to get out.

Charles enters his office and meets Nero in his chair.
Nero asks Charles what he has to say.
Charles says the employees needed to know.
Nero asks why he didn't do it in his (Nero's) presence.

Charles has no response.
Nero tells him to consider this a second strike.
Sheila sees Freddie in the living room, browsing on his laptop.

She tells him to go and start packing his things.
He goes into the room.

Sheila gets a call from Yaya.

Yaya is crying on the phone.
She tells her Monica is missing.
Sheila asks how she got missing.
Freddie appears and asks Sheila who for is missing.


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