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Movie Story: Hush - Season 1 - Episode 194

Movie Story: Hush - Season 1 - Episode 194
Adze tells Folahan that he's making a wild accusation.
Folahan says he has empirical evidence; pictures were taken of the car driving away and Adze should imagine what would happen if the pictures are blown up and he or someone he is related to is seen behind the wheel.
He tells him to go and check what the book says about trying to hurt a fellow brother.
Adze sobers and asks what will happen now.
Folahan says revenge is a dish best served cold.
He walks away.
Oye is in Tes' room,crying.
Tes enters the room and she tells him she's very sorry.
He asks what she is sorry for.
She says for the false information about Dehinde and giving it to Tayo Gbadamosi.
She also says his present condition is her fault and she knows he doesn't want her around but she wants him to know she's really sorry.
She takes her bag and walks to the door but he calls her back and says it's late.
He tells to sleep on the bed while he takes the couch but she tells him he needs the bed more.
He says he can't say he forgives her yet because he still needs time.
Koko and Cynthia are having some girl chat.
Koko asks if Cynthia thinks Sai is the type of guy to toy with.
Cynthia says it seems Koko wants him for herself.
Koko says of course not.
Cynthia says Sai made a move on her.
Koko is surprised.
Cynthia says she finds teasing him fun.
Koko says if that's all she's doing, then it's fine.
Cynthia says she doesn't know what she wants to do with him yet but if she decides to take it further, she will let Koko know.
Benson meets Billz at the changing room and tells him to stop the games he's playing with Adze because if he gets suspended, it will always remain in his records.
He warns him to stay away from Adze again.
Bem meets Adze in the living room.
He asks if he can't take his thing with Billz away from the club because one more striike and there will be dire consequences.
Adze says he understands.
He asks if Folahan said anything to Bem.
Bem warns him to stay away from Folahan because he's dangerous and not one to be toyed with.
Adze says he understands.
In the middle of the night, Tes enters the living room and tries to cover Oye properly with the duvet.
She wakes up and starts to fuss over him.
He says he's fine and just couldn't sleep.
She hugs him with her head on his stomach.
He reminds her of the pain in his ribs.
She apologises and he tells her he can't stay mad at her but they can't carry on as they have been.
She asks what he wants her to do and he says no more secrets.
She makes him a promise that she won't keep anymore secrets from him.
Adze calls Billz in the morning and they laugh over their acting at the clubhouse.
Adze says he thinks they should stop fighting at the clubhouse.
Billz agrees.
Koko and Cynthia are ready to leave for work.
Terry brings Koko her breakfast.
He says he also made some for Oye and Tes, thinking Koko would see them.
He leaves and Cynthia teases Koko about liking him.
Vina is having breakfast.
Adze joins her at the table and asks how she is.
She says their conversation the day before about family gave her a lot of encouragement; she now realises there is nothing like one's family and she needs to get in touch with her family.
Adze tells her to give them more time.
Tes and Oye are together in his apartment.
Koko comes with the basket and asks how Tes is doing.
Tes says he's doing well.
She gives them the food and Oye is excited as she says Terry made it.
Tes asks who he is and Oye says he's their next door neighbour who has an eye for Koko.
Bem comes to get Tes.
Tes asks where they are going.
Bem says they are going to pay their respects and they need to get flowers on the way.
When they leave, Koko asks Oye what's wrong.
Oye says she doesn't like the person she has become and thinks she would quit her job with Folahan today.
Bem and Tes are in the backseat of the car.
There is a bouquet of flowers with them.
Bem tells Tes that his mother was a good woman who had a lot of battles she was fighting but she loved him and he wants Tes to find closure and know he didn't kill his mother, so he shouldn't stay in a dark place with guilt.
Tes has tears streaming down his face.
Folahan is watching Tayo talk about Dehinde and how Eko Silas has distanced himself from him.
Koko and Oye are also watching at home.
Bem and Tes return home and Tes thanks his father.
Bem says Tes and Adze are his priorities.
They tease each but end in a hug.
Ruffy and his boys are having drinks with Alhaji.
Bem comes in and the boys give him a very dramatic welcome.
He tells them to come to him if they need anything.
When he's alone with Alhaji, he thanks him then reminds him that their adversaries will be back.
Alhaji says they will be ready.
Oye comes to see Folahan.
She asks for a meeting and the campaign manager says she can't just come in and tell them to leave.
Folahan says she can.
The campaign manager and secretary leave.
Oye tells Folahan she's done.
He laughs quietly.


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