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Movie Story: Hush - Season 1 - Episode 195

Movie Story: Hush - Season 1 - Episode 195
Oye tells Folahan she's serious.
Folahan tells her she's not going anywhere when the show is just starting.
Oye says she will send in her notice.

He gives her an envelope with pictures of her giving money to the guy to set Dehinde up and destroy his political career.
She says so all along he had them.

Folahan says 'Bingo! Big bitch time. Folahan Majekodunmi is always a couple of steps ahead.
Now you're mine and for as long as I continue to pull the strings, you're expected to dance.'
He ends with his evil laugh.
Billz meets up with Adze and Afefe.
Adze gives him a flash drive and says it's what they will bring down blue water inc with and Billz has to keep it safe because they can't afford to mess it up.

Billz tells him not to worry.

Adze says he's worried because Billz is putting himself on the line.
Billz says it's the least he can do because Adze is like a brother to him.
They hug.

Adze wishes him good luck and tells him to be careful.
Folahan's campaign manager enters Folahan's office and says he heard a strange rumour that Oye is leaving the campaign.

Folahan tells him not to worry because she's going nowhere.

The manager asks if Folahan thinks the Dehinde thing is enough to keep her.
Folahan asks what he suggests.
The manager says Oye knows too many of their secrets and they need something stronger.
Folahan tells him to do what he has to do.
The manager thanks Folahan in excitement and leaves the office.

Bem meets up with SS1 in a restaurant.
SS1 congratulates him on finding his son.
Bem thanks him and says he wants to know something, 'Who is Prime?'

Tes comes to the police station and Linda says she could have come to him.
Tes says he just wants to get it over with.
She says they caught Chief Lasisi red handed so the case is pretty much open and shut.
Tes asks why she went after Dehinde too.

She says he and Chief Lasisi are associates.
Tes says he didn't see Dehinde during the abduction and he has a feeling he is not involved.
She asks what makes him so sure he's not involved? Is there something about the case he hasn't told her?

SS1 asks Bem if that was meant as a real question.
Bem says it is.
SS1 says the rule forbids him from giving Prime's identity.
Bem says they are alone.
SS1 says people have done that in the past and they lived to regret it.
Bem says it seems they are still dealing with trust issues.
SS1 asks if they have a problem.
Bem says SS1 should tell him if they do.
SS1 says he put his neck on the line for Bem but now he's asking for too much.
Bem says they will see at the inquisition.

Tes gives Linda his written statement and she says he didn't write anything about the Dehinde he was defending him earlier.
Tes says it was just a feeling he had.
She asks if he gets feelings about anything else
He asks what she means.
She says he helped her with the drug dealers and now he has a feeling about Dehinde, could there be anything going on in his family that is connected to his feelings?

Tes says it looks like he's just a black sheep.
At HOT, Sai asks the employees if they have any idea on where to eat out for lunch.
He tells them to think about it while he goes to the bathroom.
Manu suggests they leave before Sai comes out.
Sule agrees.
Manu suggests they go and eat burger but Adura says she wants Mama Sekina.
Sule follows Adura out.
Sai comes out and Simi asks for an extra 30 minutes for lunch so she can stay back later and make it up.
Sai grants her permission.
Manu asks what she needs the time for.
Simi tells him to mind his business.
Oye comes to see Ruffy and his boys.
The boys excuse them and Oye thanks Ruffy for helping to rescue Tes.
He says it's nothing.

He asks if there is anything else bothering her.
She says she wants to take him up on his offer.
He asks her to be more specific.
She asks how they can kill Folahan Majekodunmi.
Sule and Adura return to meet Manu back in the office.

Adze comes to the office to ask Vina if his dad is back.
She says he's not.
He asks if she knows where he's gone.
She asks what's wrong.
Cynthia asks Koko if Terry sent anything for lunch.
Koko tells her to stop with the teasing.
The couple who have been coming to see Koko for the bride's dress enter HOT and Koko goes to attend to them.

Wumi and Bem are having lunch in her office.
She says so this is what people mean when they say the honeymoon phase is over.
He asks what she means.
She says it wasn't so long ago that they were planning romantic lunches in fancy restaurants but now they are happy to eat off paper plates.
Bem says he would gladly eat off her hands if it will mean spending more time with her.
He says 'So when you say honeymoon..'
She tells him to hold on, he can't propose as she hasn't known him that long.
He wipes the corner of her mouth with a tissue.
She asks what next.

He says what's left to be done has been done already, taking Folahan and Populous down from within.
She tells him to be careful.
Adze sneaks into Bem's office.
Vina follows him and says if Sai catches them..
He tells her to leave, then tells her to stay.
He takes out the Populous handbook from Bem's drawer and what he reads surprises him.
Oye comes to see Koko at work.
She sees the couple and quickly turns around then runs into Koko's office
Koko meets her in the office hyperventilating.
Oye tells her the guy is Pearl's father.


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