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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 52 Recap.

Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 52 Recap.
Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 52 Recap.

Sanjay being told by everyone to give a sweet to Bhavna. Then he picks up one and gives to Bhavna and everyone clap. Shruti feels jealous on seeing Sanjay and Bhavna performing pre-marital rituals. She realizes how much she loves Sanjay and wants him in her life and so she goes away from there. Sanjay, who is intentionally coming close to Bhavna notices Shruti and again becomes sure about her love for him. Prabha is very much annoyed with Shruti's presence, she goes to her and Shruti tells Prabha that because of her there will be no problem in the marriage and she will not do something such that Sanjay and Bhavna’s marriage will gain any problem.
Prabha emotionally blackmails her and tells her that she does not need to act and she knows that Shruti has come there to make another plan to take Sanjay in his love. She further tells Shruti that her plan has failed and Shruti can't do anything and then she tells her that what she had said to her about forgetting Sanjay and how she had blackmailed her. She tells her that if she interferes in their marriage and even if she thinks of becoming the daughter in-law of the house then she will have to go through her dead body. Prabha leaves. Sanjay who is standing behind the window listens to this and learns about his mother's warning to Shruti to stay away from him and then says to himself that how could his mother do this and why did she blackmail Shruti. Bhavna comes there and talks rudely to Shruti that now she can't do anything as Sanjay is all hers and that house. Shruti starts crying, she conceals her emotion and leaves the place quietly. Sanjay, who overhears his mother's word decides to leave the house for U.S.
A. for a job without marrying Bhavna and goes out.

Shruti goes home and Khushboo then asks her how was the function. Shruti sits down. Then Jassu Ben comes there and Jassu Ben reminds Shruti that she has to vacate the house as soon as possible and that she had to empty the house in 2 days and asks why is she still there. Shruti tells her to give her sometime more and she will surely empty the house when she gets another house. Jassu Ben tells her that since so many days she is saying that she will go but she is not and she will remove them if they don’t go on time and then she goes. Shruti feels shattered and starts crying. Daadi and Ami tell her not to cry.

Next day everyone is preparing for the marriage and preparations are in full swing. Prabha comes and a sweet man comes and gives her a sweet made by him to taste. She tastes and tells him good and tells that it should be made in large quantity and guests should not complain. Then Sanjay’s business partner comes and asks everyone standing together that whether Sanjay is okay or not. Everyone say yes, then he tells them that today Sanjay gave him his resignation letter and is going U.S. forever. They get shocked and Prabha tells him that she will talk to Sanjay.
Sanjay's dad tells that he will talk to him. Prabha tells him that he will not be able to tell him to stop, then his dad tell that he will at least be able to understand him. Sanjay comes home, his dad makes him understand that what he is doing is like acting like a coward and his son never acted like that and why is he running like this. His dad further tells him that his son (Sanjay) always fought in tough times also and now also he should do that and then goes and tells Prabha to listen to what Sanjay is saying. Prabha goes where Sanjay is packing his bag, his mother asks him why is he doing this and does he not care for her happiness and what will he do with Bhavna.
Sanjay tells her that she is not cared about him and his happiness and is always thinking of herself. Prabah tells him that she only wanted her son should get all the happiness of the world.
Sanjay clearly states that if his mother is not ready to understand his emotions, his love for Shruti, then why should he stay back.! He tells that today she has to choose between him and her stubbornness and if not then he will go away to U.S.


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