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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 55 Recap.

Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 55 Recap.
Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 55 Recap.

Sanjay sits on his marriage seat. Riddhi pulls his cheeks and goes. They leave him on the seat and go. Meanwhile, Shruti is still in the auto and is trying to call Sanjay but Sanjay's mother has switched it off while Sanjay is waiting for Shruti. Sanjay removes his pagri and keeps it aside. He keeps it above the diyas kept there. Shruti in the auto is trying to call Sanjay and her saree is hanging out of the auto and is going near the tyre. Sanjay's father then asks Sanjay what is happening and why is Shruti not coming. Sanjay tells that he knows that Shruti is very stubborn and will not listen. He tells him that he also made sure that he would keep her and her children’s care but she still did not come. His dad goes.
Prabha tells Bhavna and her parents that now there are no chances of Shruti coming and Bhavna's parents ask why don’t they marry till now. Prabha tells that she will do something and if Shruti does not come then Sanjay will get married to Bhavna and everything good will happen.

Shruti is in the auto and Sanjay is waiting for her. Prabha tells Sanjay that he should now go and marry as time is going and the people are waiting. Sanjay tells his mother he will wait more and that he will have to wait for his life. In the auto, Shruti’s saree gets stuck in the wheels and she gets hurt but they stop the auto and the autowala removes her saree from there. She tells him to go now. The autowala starts the auto but it is not starting. Shruti starts running to go there. At the venue Sanjay’s pagri catches fire and Sanjay takes it and removes the fire, he gets sad and tears come from his eyes. The time is passing and Sanjay’s brother tells him to come now and marry as time is passing. Shruti is running and then a hurried Shruti finally reaches the marriage venue. Sanjay sees her and runs to her but still waiting for her reply. True love breaks all the barriers as Shruti shows the bangle which she has worn to Sanjay as a symbol of her yes to his proposal and Sanjay gets happy.
Sanjay and Shruti unites but Prabha is angry and Sanjay's father is happy too.

Excited and elated Ami and Khushboo gets ready for her mother's grand day. Khushboo tells Ami to put lipstick on her lips. Ami asks why she is getting so much ready. Khushboo tells that she is getting ready because it is her mother's marriage and it should be grand. Ami put’s lipstick on Khushboo’s lip. Khushboo kisses Ami.
Ami hugs her.

While Shruti is getting ready, Sanjay comes in and becomes speechless when he sees Shruti in Dulhan's attire. It's the dream come true moment for him. Everyone go out and Sanjay and Shruti talk. Shruti tells that she did not know that their friendship would turn one day into love and they would marry. She tells that she did not realize that she was in love with him. Sanjay says overwhelmingly that he will always keep everyones care. He touches Shruti and she closes her eyes. Shruti tells Sanjay to wear her bangles.
He takes the bangles and wears it to her, sharing their happiness, they spends some sweet moments with each other. Then they both confess their love to each-other.


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