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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 56 Recap.

Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 56 Recap.
Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 56 Recap.

Shruti and Sanjay sits while Sanjay is wearing Shruti the bangles. Shruti gives her other hand and Sanjay wears her the bangles.

Sanjay's mother is crying outside. Riddhi sees her and takes water, she goes to her and tells her to stop crying and drink water. Prabha tells her that she can't because she thought that her son would marry Bhavna and everything would become good but Shruti has made everything bad. Riddhi tells her that they will do something after their marriage. They will make Sanjay understand and they will break their relation. The sadhu asks where is the bride and groom. Sanjay comes to the mandap. Everyone is happy but Sanjay's mother, Riddhi, Sanjay’s brother and his wife are not happy. Shruti also arrives at the mandap. They sit. Sadhu ( priest ) tells Shruti and Sanjay to put each others hand above them.
Shruti and Sanjay put their hand together and look at each others hand. Then they start the saat pheras. Daadi performs all the rituals supposed to be performed by Shruti's mother. Prabha is angry and Ami’s expressions don’t look happy. Khushboo tells her that she also wants to do round-round. Sanjay not only accepts Shruti as his wife but also accepts fatherhood when he picks Khushboo up and takes her with them for the last few pheras of rounds. Shruti and Sanjay finally get married. Indeed a strong decision and a lovely scene.

Then after the marriage, they have a pictures, they take Daadi’s and Naani’s picture. Both
are crying. They take Prabha’s blessings.
Prabha gives her blessings and tells that this will be Shruti’s success and she is happy. Shruti hugs her. A furious Prabha who have plots her evil plan to ruin Shruti's happiness says in her mind that she will not leave Shruti as she has made her own son against her. Then Shruti and Sanjay take his dad’s blessings. Sanjay's father says that from today Shruti is their family member and also Ami and Khushboo. He adds that he is Ami and Khushboo’s grandfather and Prabha is their grandmother. Ami and Khushboo get scared and remember how Prabha had scolded them and insulted them when the cake had fallen down. Prabha is also feeling angry.
Sanjay's father tells Shruti that they will go and prepare for the griha pravesh till then they can bring their bags.

At Shruti’s home, Daadi and everyone enter. Daadi tells that how everything passed in some minutes. She then tells Shruti to pack her bags and also Ami and Khushboo. Daadi and Naani go with Shruti to pack the bag and Sanjay goes with Ami and Khushboo. While Shruti is packing, she takes her sarees and the bangles which Daadi had given her. Everyone is crying a lot. She shows the bangles. Daadi cries and tells her that now she can live freely. Naani is also crying and Shruti tells that she will always miss her and that she can't leave her.

In Ami’s room while they are packing the bag, Khushboo asks where will she put her doll. Ami asks her why does she need it and she can keep it her. Khushboo refuses saying it is her friend. Sanjay tells that she can carry it in her arms.


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