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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 58 Recap.

Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 58 Recap.
Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 58 Recap.

Sanjay shows Ami and Khushboo their room. His mother tells Sanjay to go fast and not talk more with those girls. Sanjay rudely tell her to go and then his mother goes. Sanjay tells khushboo that this is her room and Ami’s also. Then Khushboo kisses Sanjay and Sanjay smiles. Now that Sanjay-Shruti feel complete with each other, their trust and love for each other has brought them together and has blessed them with happiness.
While in her room, Shruti enters and sees that it is decorated with candles and roses. She gets happy and then remembers all her lovely moments with Sanjay. She is having a backlash and is smiling. Just then someone comes inside and the doors sound comes, Shruti turns behind to see that it must be Sanjay, then she sees that it is Prabha. She smiles and Prabha also smiles at her. Prabha who is very unhappy with this marriage plays her move and says that now she must be happy that her wish is fulfilled, Shruti smiles. Sanjay's mother tells that now she has been married to Sanjay and must be happy. She tells that now she must be thinking this that she is nice. Prabha taunts Shruti that she had trapped Sanjay into her drama and that what she thinks is wrong and that she will never stay happy with Sanjay because she has taken her son under control. Shruti is sad. Prabha tells that she has also brought her three luggage Daadi, Ami and Khushboo with. Prabha cries and tells her that she wanted her sons happiness and not with a widow but she has snatched it from her and she tells Shruti that she gives her a curse that she will always cry for her children’s happiness. She warns Shruti that she will make her life hell and then Prabha leaves and pleased that she have successfully bitters Shruti's mind that Sanjay has emotionally blackmailed her to give permission for their marriage. Shruti is shocked to learn that Sanjay had forced Prabha to agree for their marriage. While Shruti is crying outside, Sanjay and his brother and in-law are coming and talking, they see their mother and they then stay quiet. Sanjay tells his brother that he is going.

In the room Shruti is crying and she goes to the window and sees outside the moon and then remembers what Prabha told her and is crying.
Sanjay comes in and then makes some noise.
Shruti turns back and sees him and Sanjay asks why she is crying? Shruti tells him that why did he lie? Why? Shruti says that he lied to her after seeing in her eyes also. She cries and tells that he has put Ami and Khushboo’s future in trouble and why did he tell that his mother had come to her house by her own and made her daughter in-law. Sanjay tries to justify his point of view that he had to because his mother is not good and he will not allow anyone to put Ami and khushboo’s future in difficulty.

Sanjay tells Shruti that he knows he has lied but thevtruth is never the way to go ahead. He tells Shruti that his mother had blackmailed her and he knows but she will soon take her as daughter in-law. Shruti refuses to accept it and tells Sanjay that she does not want all this but just that he had lied and she knows another mother’s sadness and she does not want to take such a relationship ahead. Shruti goes and sits on the bed. Sanjay goes to talk to her but she tells him to keep quiet as she does not want to talk with him now. Sanjay gets up to go and Shruti tells him to wait, she tells him not to tell anyone outside and not to make a matter as she can't answer everyone outside. Sanjay apologizes to her and that he knows he has done a mistake. Shruti tells that he has done a mistake and Sanjay tells that she can believe him then she tells him that his mother does not like her so why will she like Daadi and her children? Shruti then plead with him to at least not tell his mother anything that happened inside. Sanjay says that she can believe him. Shruti says that she can't handle more trouble so lets just go and sleep.


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