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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 60 Recap.

Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 60 Recap.
Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 60 Recap.

Ami tells her that she should also learn to talk to elders and not teach others and should first learn manners. Shruti comes and tells her to shut up.
Ami tells her that, that Khadus aunty only said Daadi but before she could complete her sentence then Shruti slaps Ami when she talks back to Prabha. Ami goes away telling that she hate’s everyone. Shruti goes to Ami. Ami tells her that she did not wanted her mother to marry Sanjay but she had to say yes because of Naani’s pressure and Ami tells her everything.
Shruti also cries and goes away. Then outside Khushboo tells Daadi that Ami and her mother are fighting. Daadi tells that she is going because she wants to call. Khushboo tells her to call here only. Daadi tells that she will call here only. Then Daadi call Pravin.

On the other hand, Shruti is at Naani’s house and Shruti asks her mother why did she do this and why did she force Ami to say yes. Naani tells she did not but just changed Ami’s thinking, then Shruti tells that this all has hjappened because of her ( Shruti ). At home, Sanjay comes and asks where Shruti is then Prabha tells that she went away without saying anything and at the same time, Shruti comes in, Prabha tells her that she must say whenever she is going out.
Shruti apologizes that she went away as she was thinking that time. She tells that it will not happen from today. Prabha tells her to stay at home next day because there is mu-dikhai rasam ( lifting of new bride veil ) tomorrow. Shruti says yes. Next day it is mu-dikhai rasam and Shruti comes with Riddhi and sits there. The children and Daadi also come. Then everyone come and see Shruti, Prabha calls her friends to introduce Shruti as her daughter-in-law and then from outside enuch also come and they also see her and say that she looks beautiful and then they ask for money i.e, 11,000 rupees and then a women Champa babhi tells to take double from Prabha because Shruti has married the second time and has also brought her children and first mother in-law with her and she teases Shruti with some of her mates. She tells that Daadi has also come and how can a married woman bring her first mother in-law at her second sasural ( parents in-law ).
Then Riddhi also supports that and says that she is right but what to do? Because Sanjay only decided and Shruti is also a mother of two. Then Champa says that Daadi has come with them and looks like she does not have a house to live.
Prabha's friends continue to insult and taunt Shruti that she had married Sanjay for his social status. Ami gets angry and tells them to shut up and also tells them to go because their work is done. Then Champa babhi gets up and tells that the girl is very disrespectful and why is she talking like this with her and if she talks more then she will pull her tongue. Shruti gets up and tells them not to say anything to her children and say to her. She tells them to go and then Ami tells her to respect elders first and then the ladies get angry and tell Prabha that they have been insulted and they go. Riddhi then tells that the lady was right and why Ami spoke like this. Then Prabha tells that because of Shruti and her children she has always been insulted. She leaves and then Riddhi also tells that her children are insulting them. Shruti says to herself in her mind that she will now improve her mistake and will do what is good for them. Sanjay comes home and calls Ami and everyone. Then he asks where are they. Prabha tells him that Shruti left the house with her children and Daadi and went away. Sanjay asks why? Prabha tells that Ami insulted the guests and Shruti also did not tell her anything and supported her. Sanjay thinks that there must have been some problem and Shruti will not go without any reason and wonder where she must have gone?.


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