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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 1 - Episode 9

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 1 - Episode 9
Waoh beautiful sunday morning, i wokeup and thank God for a beautiful day like this at least e no easy, no be everybody they sleep and wake up with good health, baba God thank you oh,
i stood up and brush my teeth, i greet my mum and my bros, my phone dey ring for inside house,. Make e dey ring i dey busy i they feed fly for white house, after i feed the fly finish i went to take my bath i nor want late go church at all today, i baf finish i go check my phone and i saw 3 missed calls from the nokia and 1 miss call from the motorolla, na only one person get my motorolla number so i dial her number, she pick at once.
Tina: good morning dear.
Me: good morning ma,.
Tina: i told you stop calling me ma.
Me: oh sorry i forgot tina.
Tina: good by the way i sent someone to pick you up.
Me: pick me up to where.
Tina: to my house of course or do you have any objection?
Me: yes am going to church.
Tina: we will go together.
Waoh tina go church say na wetin happen.
Me: are you serious?
Tina: why not, by the way which time do you start service?
Me: 9:30 am but sunday school start by 8.
Tina: alright we will leave by 10, so get ready shes coming.
She cut the call, na wa oh, i never still believe am say tina go go church say na fowl don get teeth abi na crayfish don dey swim straight.
As i wear my clothes my other phone ring, i check the name, mabel, nna eeh wetin this girl dey find self, she wan put me for trouble again, i didnt want to pick but when the call keep coming, i pick it up.
Me: hello
mabel: good morning.
Me: morning (with anonyance)
mabel: are you still angry with me.
Me: hmmm (i remember about her brother so i calm down a little) am sorry about your brother am deeply sorry.
Mabel: no problem, that one is pass now, all of us will come to service today, even my elder will join us in service today.
Me: alright i will meet you in church then bye.
Mabel: wait.
Me: yeah
Mabel: there is something we should talk about.
Me: what is it?
Mabel: is not something we can talk on phone, lets see face to face after service.
Me: i dont have chance am sorry.
I cut the call immediately, she continue calling but i refuse to pick, na me she wan put for trouble again,.
As i carry my bible i heard horn from outside, i look window from parlour, then i saw edna standing beside the car door.
Cactus: na your pastor pikin dey dress like party rider so?
Me: yes na, we wan go their house go practice before we enter church, she nor go try am wear this wan enter church, i said as i hed out to meet edna, she open the door for me, hmmm BBT, as we drove out of our compound.


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