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See These Hilarious Reasons Why This Lady Said She Will Never Watch Nollywood Movies Again

See These Hilarious Reasons Why This Lady Said She Will Never Watch Nollywood Movies Again
A facebook user Chinaza Nwachukwudenwaro, blasted Nigerian movie makers especially Igbo producers for portraying African cultures and tradition as evil.

She had an arguement with her Hausa neighbor who she claimed was talking bad about Igbo people because of a Nollywood movie she watched.

She went on to say that she will never patronize Nollywood and Ghollywood movies because of these reasons:

“1. Is only in Nollywood that they demonize their Cultural Values, #African Deities and Histories.

2. Is only in Nollywood movies especially the Igbo dramas When someone wants to attack you, destroy you or kill you will go to native doctors in the forest.

3. Is only in Nollywood African Deities kills everyone.When you need blood money visit African Gods and When you are about to die run into church or meet strong pastors.

4. Is only Nollywood native doctors live inside thick scary forest.

5. The only people who atleast make African deities not to so look evil is only in #Yoruba Dramas, they portray their Gods to be Just and Fair but in #Igbo Movie NADA!!! they are Witchy Witchy, Every family has an evil Uncles and Aunties. And tomorrow you expect people to see Igbos as good people when you forget We have alot of Monkeys and Baboons who Believe everything #TelLieVision (Television) shows them.

The Amazing part is that even the so called Christians don’t love themselves, When they have good Plans they are living Christ like but when they hate you and want to hurt you they will visit Native Doctors, but when it back fires they ran to pastors. Nonsense I have never seen Hollywood making Movie where Witches and Christians have clash and pastors won. All of you have watch Harry Porter and what is the Movie Portraying Witchery Powers as? They show you people who use Magic for selfish reasons and they show you Harry Porter and His disciples as other Good witches who use magic for good. Common sense Even Merlin the dirty boy who wears only one cloth but saves the whole Village with magics.

Check Korean Movies they never make their Cultural Values look evil, Chinese and Japanese Movies never do that also they even show you how Buddha help them to be Kung Fu, Sholin, Taekwondo and Karate Genius. Take a look a Bollywood (Indian Movies) No matter how bad the person uses magic of Hindu, the Indian Gods avenges back to the evil ones. But in Africa is a Different thing Especially Nigerian and Ghanaian Movies is a different story. To the extent that their saviors in some of their movies are White Men or the Fair Actors. They evil ones are Black, Native Doctors wears are Black and Red. Angels are White.

October 1 was a Nigerian movie that shows the dark side and how Christianity came in our land, How they White Missionary men Molested our 11 – 15 year old boys in the name of Seminary schools, (HomoSexuals Catholic Priests) this movie is not Popular in Nigeria as it was expected to be because they hate the truth, they all want to believe that Christianity in Nigeria was a good thing, without Mary Slessor who came The people of Nigeria will still be Killing Twins. Excuse me a Yoruba God called #IBEJI means Twins. Nollywood has helped a lot of Pastors in their Business by proving our Deity is evil.

Today people nobody longer need to meet Native Doctors for evil powers cos All the Native Doctors in Nigerian realize how Lucrative Pastor-ship is so they now open Churches in every corner of the Streets to reap you Brainwashed to pieces. Chrstians now pray agiasnt their fellow Christians, They see eachothers as evil As Long as I am a Pentecostal and You are Red Cross Brotherhood a.k.a OO Ogbu, Celestial, Jehovah Witness, Catholic. Eckankar, Later-Day Saints e.t.c You are easily prone to Fetishness, Cultism e.t.c in other words Dirty your hands with Native Doctor Powers.

Rubbish tomorrow All of them will come and attack my post and Scream about how good they are cos they are Christians but they never love each-other meanwhile their religion Golden Rule is about Love. Especially that Crazy Woman called Mama G (Patience Ozorkwu) after displaying her craziness with our Cultural Values, She no longer get Acting opportunities and Endorsements She jumped into Church business.

I think A Word is Enough for the Wise. Christians and Muslims in Nigeria all of you should go and research about How your Middle Eastern Deities came in to Nigeria, Check out How our Fore Fathers backed down and Accept A Roman Jewish God and Arabic God as their Almighty. I want this Post to Rest these Goddamn Nollywoood people so that they can get a little sense.”


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