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3 different ways yo get the attention of your crush

3 different ways yo get the attention of your crush

One thing is to find someone to crush on and the other is to get the attention of the person. Most times, it is very difficult to speak a word to a crush not to even talk of sparking up a conversation and building a relationship with the person.

Though it might seem difficult but it isn't impossible. Building a friendship with a crush is something that requires a lot of courage but a day such as this gives a better opportunity to do so.

If you'll have to get the attention of your crush on a day as this, you'll need to;

*Send a him/her a text: Unlike other seasons, especially the festive ones when people send text to almost everyone, valentine is different. Sending a love themed message to a person on a Valentine's day sends an unwritten message to the person that you have interest on him/her as such isn't sent to anybody.

*Buy him/her a gift: Buying a gift for someone on Valentine's day sends a message. Random gifts, not necessarily expensive ones are appreciated by someone who wasn't expecting to receive any from a strange person. After getting the gift, the gift itself do the job of bringing your thoughts to the person's memory.

*Inviting him/her to seeing a movie later in the day: You can get two movie tickets in the cinema, send one to the person asking him/her if they'll be free to see a movie later in the day. This definitely sends a signal to the person that for one reason or the other, you're emotionally attracted to him/her.

Getting the attention of your crush isn't to do too many big things like jumping over a sky scraper or jumping off a flying jet. It only requires doing little but significant things that sends a signal to your crush.

Have a nice Valentine's day ahead winning the heart of your crush.


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