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Housewife Caught In Bed With Her Step-Son In Delta State

Housewife Caught In Bed With Her Step-Son In Delta State
The town of Ogharefe, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, is still buzzing with the news of the blatant abomination when a 34-year-old married woman was caught red handed having wild s*x with her step-son.

The woman who is married to the boys father, according to sources, has been having the illicit affair with the young man as well as other men but nemesis caught up with her when it was her husband who nabbed her in the dastard

It was reported that the crack in the once peaceful home started when the step-son’s wife gave birth to a new baby and it was
required that the new mother and her baby move to the parent-in-law’s house to spend some time so that adequate care be given to her and the new baby, according to the custom of the land.

In her absence, her step-mother-in-law took it upon herself to visit the new mother’s husband, purportedly to prepare meals for the young man and keep the household in order.

But aside cooking for the man and
keeping the house tidy, the step-mother and her step-son had other motives that was only found out months later by her husband.

The bubble burst on the adulterous duo when the step-mother’s visit became frequent, and at odd hours, and this drew her husband’s suspicion, coupled with wagging tongues of neighbours.


The man warned his wife to curtail her frequent visit to his son but she refused, claiming she was only carrying out the duties of a good mother to her step-son. Nemesis played its card when the secret lovers were finally caught red handed while in the act by neighbours who la!d ambush for her and when she sneaked into the young man’s apartment late at
night, they burst into them and saw the abomination going on..

When questioned, the adulterous woman confessed that apart from her step-son, she also had over 20 other s*x partners. This revelation has thrown her husband and his family into confusion as they are
doing everything possible to cleanse the land of the atrocity committed by the woman and their son.


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