Everything you Should Know About Online Casinos: Top 10 Interesting Facts

9 months ago

Online casinos continue to grow in popularity by the day. Among the factors that drive the popularity of Casino Slots and similar sites include the convenience that comes with betting online, not to mention the wide range of games and payment options available.

And while you may be familiar with a bit of how online casinos work, there is quite a number of interesting facts you may not be privy to. Here is an outline of some of these fun and exciting facts that may interest you

  1. Legal or Not?

Of course, one of the first things you will want to know before signing up for an account on an online casino is whether or not it is legal. Short answer is that online gambling can be legal or illegal depending on your circumstances.

Of particular interest about your circumstances would be your location and of course, age. In some countries or specific areas of a country, online gambling is illegal. To avoid getting in trouble, be sure to check on the rules as they apply to your area. 

That being said, online casinos are less restrictive. What this means is that, while betting in a physical brick and mortar casino may be prohibited in your area, you could easily have access to an online casino.

  1. Most Online Casinos Are Safe

After you are clear on whether or not it is legal for you to play on an online casino, the next big concern is your safety as you do so. You’ve no doubt heard the ugly stories of people getting scammed through online casinos. Yes. These are real stories, and there are unscrupulous individuals running such platforms which are only out to swindle money from unsuspecting users just looking to have some online gambling fun.

That being said, there are also so many online casinos that are legal and 100 % safe. Due diligence is a must to help you pick out the safe options. Look at the licensing status of the online casino, and also find out what others are saying through the reviews. Only sign up and deposit money into your account when you are satisfied that the casino is safe.

  1. The First Online Casino

Look up  the history of online gambling on the search engines and you will come across two results. One is that the first online casino was developed by Microgaming in 1994. Microgaming is, to date, one of the biggest and most popular software providers for online casinos. The other result you will come across says that the first online casino was developed and launched in 1996 by Intercasino, which is yet another leader in casino software.

Whether it’s one or the other, it’s easy to see that online casinos have been around a while. The good news is that, every new day, developers continue to do their best to ensure their platforms deliver exceptional performance for the user.

  1. The Most Popular Game on Online Casinos

No doubt about it, you can look forward to enjoying a wide variety of games on online casinos. The most popular of these, however, is slots. 

It is estimated that slots make up for 70 % of the income for the gambling industry. There is well over 2000 slot machine games which you can play both online and offline. Slots are popular for several reasons. For starters, there aren’t as many rules to follow with these games, and as such, it is quite easy-friendly, even for the beginners with no gambling experience.  These games are also available in a wide range of fun variations, all of which are quite entertaining.

  1. The Biggest Online Casino Wins

Ever wondered just how much you can win from your online gambling adventures? Turns out its quite a lot if the biggest wins of all times are anything to go by.

The Guinness Book of World Records has the biggest of such wins at 90 million Euros in 2018. The lucky winner? A lady from Berlin won this much by playing at Lottoland Limited.  You may not be as lucky, but rest assured you can take home a good win if you play right.

  1. The House Always Wins

It is indeed true that the game options available in an online casino are based on random technology. Be that as it may, you cannot realistically expect to win all the time.  

The house will always win, otherwise it would not be a business anymore. The idea is not to cheat you out of your winnings, but you keep you playing for as long as may be possible. Bonus schemes, discounts and other incentives, however, sure do serve as an incentive to keep going. It is, crucial, however, that you bet responsibly, pace yourself, and only bet with money that you can afford to lose.

  1. Cryptocurrency Accepted

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer several advantages including anonymity. Today, many online casinos readily accept these cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Many more have seen the potential of the cryptocurrencies and are making headways in adopting them as payment methods.

  1. You Can Catch the Streaming Action

There is a lot of interest around online casinos, even among people who are not actively gambling themselves. Go on platforms such as Twitch and you will find live streams of online gambling action from several casino sites. Many players choose to share their gameplays through these livestreams.

  1. Online Casinos Are Heavy on Technology

From augmented reality, and virtual reality to block chain and live dealer technology, these innovations have changed the world of online gambling. Find a site that has embraced these technologies and you can look forward to an amazing user experience.

  1. You Can Join a Loyalty Club

Online casinos, like their physical counterparts, have loyalty clubs for their valued players. You will be eligible for the club based on the risks you take when you play and how much you play. As a member of the club, you enjoy discounts as well as rewards, in form of bonuses and money rewards. 

The Wrap Up

The world of online gambling is quite the interesting one. From its history, to the recent technologies and innovations shaking up the industry, it is all so very interesting. Beginner or not, make a point of always staying informed of the industry trends and news.

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