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How to Fix Invalid IMEI Number [For Guru's]

How to Fix Invalid IMEI Number [For Guru's]
Have you ever seen that message?.

Well if you have, its probably because you just flashed your phones stock ROM..

The problem usually arise from error after flashing stock ROM and until you fix it, you cannot use a sim or connect to a service provider..

Enough of the talking, let’s see how we can fix it.. It can be done in three ways

• Clear the phone’s EMMC.. to do this, power off the phone and hold power+volume down button and this will take you to factory reset. use volume key to scroll to CLEAR EMMC and power button to select.. this will erase any error obtained when flashing ROM. Now reboot you phone to check again

• If the above did not work for you, then change the imei.

• If the problem still persist, root the phone and change the imei again..



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