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My husband is a drunk, he impregnated my sister- Woman Speaks Out

My husband is a drunk, he impregnated my sister- Woman Speaks Out
A married woman has made a shocking confession after her husband got her own sister pregnant while living with them.

36-year-old housewife, Queen Stephen, has approached an Igando Customary Court at a Lagos suburb, asking for the dissolution of their 12-year-old marriage.

She told the court that her husband, Francis Stephen, for whom she had four children, impregnated her younger sister in 2016.

“When I gave birth, I invited my sister to come and assist me to take care of the child, but I did not know that my husband had established a love relationship with her.

“She confessed to me that my husband was responsible for her pregnancy when I discovered that she was pregnant,”
she said.

The petitioner accused her husband that he threw out her belongings and sent them to her village that he was no longer interested in the marriage.

Queen, who described the man as a drunk, said: “He had accused me on several occasions of poisoning his food and would refuse to eat my food.

“My husband is a threat to my life; he always drinks to stupor.

“He had threatened to burn me with fuel; in fact, he had used hot pressing iron to burn me,”

Apart from what she suffered in the hands of the husband, she alleged that her brother-in-law also assaulted her sexually.

“My husband’s brother used to touch my breasts and anytime I reported him to my husband, but he did not caution him.

“My husband also is not faithful,” said Queen, who urged the court to terminate the marriage.


On his part, Stephen also accused his wife of infidelity, saying she is involved in a relationship with a man, who impregnated her and she later tried to abort it.

“I got to know when she got pregnant for one of her lovers and she went for an unsuccessful abortion.

“On that fateful night, she was crying seriously and rolling on the floor that her stomach was paining her. I rushed her to the hospital where it was revealed that she had an abortion that was not properly done.“

Her lover came and he confessed to me that he was responsible for the pregnancy.

“He told me that he only slept with my wife five times but my wife denied it and said it was only four times and I paid the doctor to do it again.“Queen is also sleeping with her pastor,”
he alleged.

The 45-year-old clearing agent said that his wife accused his brother of assaulting her sexually because he caught her making love to that man that impregnated her on our matrimonial bed.

“My wife packed out last Dec., 27, 2016 when I told her we will be going to her village on December 29 for her to tell her parents about her adulterous life.”

Stephen urged the court not to grant his wife’s wish for the dissolution of marriage, saying “I still love her because of the children.”

The court’s President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case until Sept. 5 for judgment.


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