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7 Common Reasons Why Ladies Say ' No ' To Marriage Proposals

7 Common Reasons Why Ladies Say ' No ' To Marriage Proposals
The thought of a lady saying no to a marriage proposal to many is unrealistic. Many a time ladies are characterized by their attitude towards trapping a man into marriage rather than refusing a proposal but as uncommon as it may seem to many, guys still get their rings thrown back in their faces.

7 common reasons why ladies reject marriage proposals include:

1. Financial independence

When financial independence is mentioned, a lot of people are quick to say ladies are only after the money, want a well to do man but this isn't about the man. Not that the "independent state" of a man doesn't count but some ladies reject marriage proposals because they (the lady) want to be financially stable before starting a family. Not every girl likes the idea of a man taking care of all her needs. Some ladies want to also be able to contribute and support their husbands financially before their answer is yes.

2. Family attachment

A man who loves his family can be said to be a good man. He can also be said to be one who would make a good husband and father but when a man is too attached to family it can be a reason not to be taken seriously when he pops the question. A man who can't make decisions until he gets approval from his family still has an invisible umbilical cord round his neck.
A guy who has to meet all the needs of his family before considering the needs of his "to be" wife may not change after marriage. No woman wants a man whose decisions can only be final after the parents have certified

3. Age factor

Many ladies have lost great men because they have allowed themselves to be consumed by the feeling of "still young".
A lady who feels she is too young to get married shouldn't be in a relationship. Some ladies claim to be ready but when the proposal comes they say they are too young. This has more to do with their inability to deal with commitment.

4. Mending fences strategy

Relationships are never perfect and a good surprise is always welcomed but proposing during a misunderstanding or a fight usually backfires. It is good to want to work through issues easily and have them sorted out quickly but proposing when she's mad at you is risky. A no may just be what you get.
5. Proposal method and ring choice

Ladies usually have things they fantasize about. One of which is their wedding and also the way you propose. Ladies have been known to turn down marriage proposal because they felt it wasn't romantic enough, others because it was too extravagant. Choice of ring too has not been left out. Ladies love to show off among their peers, no wonder a lady would say no to a guy simply because she feels the ring used in proposing is not befitting.

6. Sexual satisfaction.

The importance given to sex in relationships these days cannot be over emphasized. A lady could reject a proposal upon considering if the guy satisfies her in bed or not. In a relationship, a lady can still try to get her sexual satisfaction from someone else but in marriage she may not. Knowing that a guy can't sexually satisfy her is a good enough reason to say no for some ladies.

7. Lack of trust (too many female friends)

Lack of trust is one of the most common issues faced by relationships today. A lot of people are in relationships where trust is only a mirage. A major cause of lack of trust for ladies is encompassed in the fact that the guy has too many female friends. In such situations, the lady is likely to feel insecure and unsure. Even when the guy proposes, she tends to take it as a joke and the reply is usually no.


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