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Join Waploaded.com BBM channel and Win Free Airtime

Join Waploaded.com BBM channel and Win Free Airtime
BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) Channel was introduced to BBM on BlackBerry on their BlackBerry 10 devices and later puched to other Blackberry smartphones, then earlier in February this year 2014 to BBM for Android and iOS.

With BBM Channels, you can connect with the communities, personalities and brands you love. Subscribing to Channels lets you join conversations with others who share your interests. Learn how to find new people and communities who like what you like and stay up-to-date on the things that matter to you.

Recently, your favorite website, Waploaded.com launched her own Channel with pin C00151B80. and many followers said they didnt understand how to subscribe to a Channel. So we decided to make this guide.

you will get latest music updates, videos, news, gusts and browsing codes

To subscribe to a Channel on BB10, Android or iOS, follow these procedures.

Click This Pin if you are on Your android or Bb device C00151B80 after hit join abd thats all

Method 2: On the BBM homescreen, drag from the left end of your screen to the right. A drawer should pop out.

Click on 'Channels'

Now on the Channels screen, tap on the search icon at the top right. The icon of a magnifying tool.

Paste the BBM Channel Pin, in our case that'd be C00151B80.

Hit the search/enter on your Keyboard.

Select the channel that comes up and look to the bottom of your screen, there you'll see 'Join'.

Once you hit it, you're successfully subscribes to the channel.

So consider subscribing to our Channel today on C00151B80.



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