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#BBNaija Day 36: Housemates In A Somber Mood As They Danced To “Love Don’t Care”

#BBNaija Day 36: Housemates In A Somber Mood As They Danced To “Love Don’t Care”
The #BBNaija Housemates didn’t wake up to the usual workout routine on day 36 as they opted to play a game of cards in the kitchen instead in what seemed like an attempt to get their minds off the evictions of the previous day.

ThinTallTony, Uriel, Kemen and Bassey were the first ones up and it didn’t take long for the rest of the Housemates to get out of bed and make their way into the kitchen for some morning snacks.

Uriel and Efe however seemed not to be affected by the evictions as they seemed cozy with each other despite the fact that they had a fight the previous day.

Uriel had pulled up from behind and wrapped her arms around him holding him close for a couple of minutes. Efe initially seemed tense but soon relaxed and went back to his usual habit of making jokes about Uriel’s butt, saying it was darker than her face. Uriel said it was lighter and Efe replied her by saying she was most likely bleaching it then.

Soon enough, the #BBNaija housemates headed out into the front yard to stretch and workout which did little to improve their mood as they went through the activity in complete silence. The absence of Bally, Bisola, Ese and Jon was clearly being felt.

Ironically, Bisola and Bally were sneaking into the bathroom to shower at that exact moment and giggling gleefully at the fact that their fellow #BBNaija Housemates knew nothing about the trick Big Brother had played on them.

The Housemates soon finished their workout and they went to shower with the exception of Debbie-Rise and Bassey who decided to pair up and continue exercising.

Soon enough, Biggie revealed the challenge of the week to the #BBNaija Housemates that they would have to create a choreographed routine to Simi’s “Love Don’t Care”. Biggie made it clear that he expected everyone to participate.

The Housemates sat together and listened intently to the songs in hopes of not getting admonished by Biggie, especially after they were given a stern warning for talking when Kemen was reading out the Task brief!

Simi’s song was soon blasting through the speakers and Uriel, Kemen and Debbie-Rise got up on their feet and started dancing along gracefully. ThinTallTony soon took over proceedings as he was a choreographer, coming up with a storyline in which he cast Debbie-Rise as the lead character.


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