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Troy Ave - Ice Cream

Troy Ave - Ice Cream
Troy Ave is impervious to pest control, the biggest concern to the New York City Council pre-Giuliani. The persistent rumors of his incarceration, his alleged snitching, have tarnished his record of employment in the eyes of rap consumer. Like Jay-Z before him, Troy Ave is an example of a rapper that came into the game sporting a hefty bag, but none of it earns him any merit points.

On "Ice Cream," Troy Ave sets the record straight, putting his naysayers into a proverbial highchair. Without going into specifics, Troy addresses the notion of being an informant as well the other alleged falsehoods that keep holding him back in the eyes of the public. He does, however, brag that public derision never keeps him from "reaching the bag."

He raps, "I'm a millionaire with a court case, I could Tay-K what my flows say" in reference to his much-publicized legal drama. Many of the legal stipulations in his case are far too complicated for the average person to (even) comprehend.

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