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BFG - Goldteeth Ft. USanele X Okmalumkoolkat & Carvelas

BFG - Goldteeth Ft. USanele X Okmalumkoolkat & Carvelas
BFG have collaborated with Okmalumkoolkat and uSanele from Boyzn Bucks, in the Durban ode titled, Gold Teeth & Carvelas. “This is a Durban connection that was waiting to happen and is long overdue and we’re extremely excited to work with our brothers from the city that raised all of us, this is a proud moment having to represent our city out here in the city of gold” says Bra Sol of BFG. The collaboration happens as a tribute to the Durban township culture of Gold teeth adorning youth with aspirations to live large and flaunt their Italian fashion items and slits of gold teeth, which is considered to be the highest fashion expression. This culture is a long-standing ostentatious display of “having a lot” and initially emerged in the townships in and out of Durban. It has since spread all over the country especially in the 90’s.” The song is a nostalgic throwback to the “high fashion era of the 90’s in Durban and SA townships. The collaborating lyricists (Bra Sol, uSanele and Okmalumkoolkat) take on different characters in the song, each with their own bragging style, telling a story of their opulent street lifestyle.

The song culminates in a crescendo of repeated braggadocio in the chorus, bringing the swanking culture closer to home, in this case Durban, where the lifestyles of the street swanker becomes synonymous with fresh lyricism and Durban slang. Soulfaktor handles the heavy thumping beat giving the writers a tapestry of electronic mayhem upon which to weave their lyrical genius.

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