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Kelvin Ogidi - Thank You Jehovah

Kelvin Ogidi - Thank You Jehovah
Thank you Jehovah is a response from a grateful heart. A heart that recognises that the love and the grace of God should never be taken for granted. A heart that understands that appreciation brings liberation and celebration attracts acceleration. A heart that will choose not magnify what is lacking, but celebrates what is left.
A heart that knows that life moves forward where people give thanks. This sound is to help such a heart express its heartfelt gratitude to Jehovah as commanded in Psalms 118:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his gracious love is eternal.

Let this be your song continuously as you keep the aura of God around you wherever you
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Thank You Jehovah by Kelvin Ogidi ( 5.22MB )
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