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Sharon Season 2

Sharon Season 2
I know here is the part where am supposed to write and They lived Happily ever after and I wouldn’t blame you for looking forwards to that, after all that’s How stories like these should end. Two people whom found out they loved each other and fought so hard to be together despite the challenges , so, they lived happily ever after.

Well I’m sorry it’s not so with ours, of course we dated happily, for long but with Misunderstandings too. Misunderstanding like they say strengthens a relationship and of course it did strengthen ours, every single argument or Challenge we had always made us realise our mistakes and much more how we were really into each other.

The Outlawz couldn’t contain their joy, Kelvin especially, he wouldn’t have them carry me down as they carried me to and fro. Kingsley didn’t feel like going back to their house, he kept following us till we got to a place where we decided to board bikes then they dropped me. Kingsley and Bully kept watching us as we left in Twos on the bikes. I got home and first thing I did was to hug my sister out of excitement to her surprise. The last time I did such, I was much more younger than I could remember, I greeted her and jumped into my room singing my best song “Uptown Girl” loudly as I undressed.
“She’s been living in her White bread world! As long as anyone with hot blood can!!!”. I sang as I jumped around on my bed in just my boxer. Didn’t even notice my sister’s presence in my room till I stopped singing and she grunted.

“I didn’t know it was this serious”. She said and I frowned.

“What?”. I asked confusedly.
” You and your Uptown girl, is it that serious? “. She asked again with look of amazement all over her face.

” I don’t know…”
“Will you keep up with this your whining or are you going to gist me latest?”. She asked then sat down on seat and crossed her leg. I stalled for a while, thinking of the best answer to give her.

“Well I’d stick with my whining”. I said as I jumped down from the bed,and she laughed seriously then clapped and gave me a thumbs up while I watched her in confusion.

” Oh my God! My lil bro now has a girlfriend!!”. She yelled happily, which shocked me and at the same time.

“I don’t remember telling you that”. I said with a frown on my face. How could she have found out, did she spy on me at our school today? Even if that’s possible she didn’t trail us to Kingsley’s house and nobody could’ve told her so, how did she now know? I asked in my mind.

” Oh yeah you didn’t but, you also know it’s not a lie”. She said smiling at me, then I folded my arms and waited for her to explain.

“Oh come on. Your recent excitements, she’s always behind them and the fact that you ain’t denying, confirms it”. She said with smile all over her face.

” I ain’t denying it doesn’t mean I confirmed it too”. I said and she laughed.

“Well you’re just whining so, you won’t have to tell me thanks which you know you owe me but don’t worry I know you’re already singing thanks in your Mind”. She said and I sighed. She was right, I was totally grateful to her, I didn’t really know what she told Sharon but I knew she played a big part in our new found relationship so, of course I was obviously praising her in my mind and She already noticed. Sometimes I wonder how she always manage to read my mind. I relaxed back on my bed and she came and sat close to me.

“So, now you have a girlfriend. Now what?”. She asked smiling at me and I shrugged. The truth was I hadn’t figured out what was supposed to be my duty as a boyfriend and sincerely if it was currently I’d have browsed it in a Google.

” Nothing “. I said and she laughed.
“Really? Well finally someone else will have to put up with your Arrogance”. She said which annoyed me immediately.

” Sister!! “. I barked, boiling in rage but she didn’t seem bothered rather she smiled. I wouldn’t dare look at her in an unusual way to talk of barking at her if my brothers were around, I’d be skinned alive. But, my sisters never touch Me no matter how stubborn I displayed, the worst they’d do was scold me; that’s how much they petted me.

“Well I guess am lucky cause you can’t beat your Big sis”. She teased annoying me the more.
” yeah, you’re right but the best I can do is ignore you”. I said and left to the sitting room and she followed.

“Chuks I was joking and you know it”. She said but I said nothing, rather I switched on TV and sat down to watch yet she switched it off. I stood up to leave and she pushed me back down to sit, I just sighed but didn’t say anything.

” Seriously Chuks, if you really want this your friendship to work you have let go of this your Attitude”. She said and I scoffed.
“My Attitude? Nothing is wrong with my attitude, this is how I was born”. I said and stood up to leave again but she restricted me again.

” No, this is not the little boy I used to keep a list about”. She said smiling and I smiled too, maybe she thought she’d finally said something to cheer me up, she was wrong. Once she’d Called me Arrogant nothing would cheer me up except we were even.

“Yeah, he’s not. Maybe you should start a new one, that is if you ever stopped”. I said to her face then left, the fact that she allowed me to leave meant she wasn’t happy with what I said and that made us even.

My sister was saying the truth but she didn’t have to use that word ” Arrogance ” and that’s why I didn’t want to hear what she had to say, even though honestly I needed to hear that. I believed my relationship with Sharon was going to last because I had my sister to guide me. It’s not as if she was in any relationship with any one, I’ve never seen her with nor hear her talking about a guy before, non of my siblings has ever had a girlfriend before that we’d known of so, for the record I was the first. But I knew she would know better about this stuffs because she is older and also she is a girl too so, she should know things that pleases girls. I had my bath, ate then left to my mum’s shop.


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