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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow Season 2

The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow Season 2

Me: but you said they are dead

Queen Olokun: yes

Me: but i saw Lizzy today on a mirror.

Queen Olokun: and what did she say?

Me: she said i should come and find her.

Queen Olokun: so what do you want me to do?

Me: you told me they are dead but you are wrong they are very much alive.

Queen Olokun: so?

Me: i need to know where they are.

Queen Olokun: am sorry i cant tell you that.

Me: why not, is there something i should know?

Queen Olokun: you should be thinking about how to defeat your sister Eve.

Me: without them i cant defeat my sister, you see how they help me
defeat my mother.

Queen Olokun: you dont need Lizzy you have Lucy her sister.

Me: Lucy that i cant even relate with, see please i feel secure with
Lizzy (Luciana) more than her sister Lucy.

Queen Olokun: then secure yourself around Lucy because i cant help you.

Me: how can i secure myself without my powers?

Queen Olokun: i told you to go and find yourself only then you will
get your powers back.

Me: am not asking you to help me just tell me where she is i will go
look for her myself.

Queen Olokun: am sorry i cant send you to your grave.

Me: how, what do you mean?

Queen Olokun: if you go there you cant come back.

Me: if i survivie underworld why cant i survive this so called place?

Queen Elizabeth: you survive underworld because you have the three
witches beside you.

Me: yes thats why i need their help again to defeat my sister, so
please just tell me where they are.

Queen Olokun: hmmmm okay, you have to travel to the bottom of the sea.

Me: where is that and how can i find it?

Queen Olokun: find it through the underworld.

Me: you mean i have to pass through the underworld again? (scared)

Queen Olokun: yes and many more.

Me: alright thanks how can i find the underworld?

Queen Olokun: how did you locate it before?

Me: i didnt, Lizzy did.

Queen Olokun: okay take this book it will guide you on your way (she
forward her left hand to me and from nowhere a book appeared on her

Me: thank you. (i said as i walk to her and collect the book).

Queen Olokun: dont thank me because you will do something for me as a
price. (devil’s gift is not always free, they give one and collect
double back).

Me: what is that?

Queen Olokun: you will know when the time come, now away.

As usual she blow breeze from her mouth and push me away from the sea.
when i woke up from my dream i look around but i didnt see anything
like book, i was a bit disappointed but i know the book wont stop me
from going to the underworld, i got up from my bed and hed to parlour,
i look time and saw that its past nine already and my mum has gone to
work, i enter bathroom and pull of my clothes and as i want to take my
bath behold i saw different kind of map on my body as a tattoo.

welcome to Ozila’s Adventures, Witches and wizards is the continuation
of the carpenter the witch and the mysterious mirror and i am Akhigbe Godsgift Oziegbe.


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