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The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} Season 2

The Choosen One {the beast of gevaudan} Season 2
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{ welcome to beacon hills }
” we are there ” I heard the taxi driver whose cab I was in said as he parked in front of a motel, I was already gone into my frequent thinking, it started from the day I defeated Patrick and learnt that the person I regarded as my life was just a mere illusion, created to deceive me.

Dealing with what my mom did to me was very hard, I’ve been finding myself thinking about it every time I’m alone, I couldn’t concentrate on anything again, I started distancing myself from my friends and loves.
” I can’t be vulnerable again ” I always say to myself in order to view my act of loneliness right.

It was when I couldn’t keep up with it that I decided to leave, I thought leaving all those things that held her memories will help me get over it but my few days away from home has thought me that no matter how far I run, the memories were still a step in front of me.

I didn’t know why I picked beacon hills but I felt some unnatural bond pulling me there.

I felt like it was the only place that could provide me with comfort and solace I seek.

Instead of using the air to get their as fast as possible, I decided to make the journey worthwhile with the use of road and rail.

I changed two bars of gold to cash from a goldsmith at a very high rate, the money was so much that I decided not to touch the remaining 18 bars because I was sure that I would not be able finish the cash I got off the two bars.

I purchased another phone on the road, I decided to do that because I didn’t want to keep in touch with my friends in Marseille and I didn’t want to get rid of my Phone in case the need to connect with them arises.

I kept the phone in my bag and switched to the new ones.

I couldn’t keep count of the clubs I visited throughout my journey to beacon hills.

I made it more or less like a tour.

Instead of going to beacon hills straight and spend just a day or two before getting there, I made sure I alighted at all the city I passed.

Spending at least 24 hours there before leaving there.

I drank ,drank ,drank watched girls dance and the likes but I couldn’t lay with anyone of them.

The only reason I visited clubs and bars was not to be alone because I wouldn’t help but fall into deep thinking again.

After two weeks on the road I finally got to beacon hills, I’d even forgotten that I was a beast because after the defeating of Patrick and my mom, I’d refrained myself from using my power.

” is there any club around here” I asked the taxi driver as I gave him cash for the service he rendered to me.

He’s been the one touring me around since I got to beacon hills.

One of the significant place we went to was Eichen house, but we didn’t enter, I just viewed it from afar.

” there are many ” the driver replied me
” there’s even one hot stripper club organized today that I’m going to attend after am through with my work today which am already through with it now but I don’t think you’ll be allow in because I don’t think you’re up to 18 ” he added which gat me a little bit angry.

” let me worry about that ” I said as I sat back comfortably and used my finger to signify to him that he should drive and he drove me down there.

It wasn’t a long journey there as we got there in just 10 minute drive.

I gave him a tip as I alighted and he also came down.

I viewed where he said the club was and looked at the driver with a disbelieving eye
” where is the club ” I asked him looking perplexed.

” don’t judge a book by it’s cover , worry about how you’re going to get inside” he said patting me lightly and left me where I was standing ,bouncing towards the small door he pointed to me, he opened it and entered.

I really wish to judge the book by its cover because it looked boring but I decided to change my and read the book before giving my final verdict about it.

I sluggishly walked towards the door and opened it, the sound wave that hit me almost made me lost my hearing, it was bawling inside there. Their were two bouncers standing in front of another door which I think holds the real deal.

I knew behinds the door lies guys and gals going crazy which I also wish to.

The door and wall must have being made with some things that doesn’t allow the sound out, I thought to myself as I made my way to the bouncers holding their ground in front of the door concealing the real deal.

” your identification card and ticket ” one of the bouncer said with a strong baritone pushing me back as I tried to make my way pass through them.

That wasn’t the first time such was happening, as you all know that I’m still under 18, 16 to be precise for those who has already forgotten.

I’ve been bribing my way in ,in every clubs I’ve been attending because I didn’t bring along my fake identification, but none has ever asked me for ticket.

Maybe it was the secret kind of clubbing where different series of hard drugs and brain numbing alcohol are being sold.

And the stupid driver that brought me there didn’t tell me anything about it.

” worry about how you get inside ” the driver’s last word flew to me.

I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out some bucks and handed it to the guy who talked to me, he collected the money from me and a wicked grin escaped my lip but it didn’t lasted as he flipped the money away and gave me a deafening slap, the slap was so hectic and crucial that it made me to land on the floor.

” get out of here chipmunk before I eat you raw ” The bouncer whose size is almost thrice of mine said and dusted his hand.

I released a wicked grin as I stood up, I placed my bag beside a wall ,dusted my cloth and moved closer to the two guys.

” looks like you haven’t gotten enough of that ” the bouncer said as he tried to punch me but I met his punch halfway with my palm and I could heard a crack ,which means that the bone in his wrist dislocated at once, as he withdrew his hand and groaned in pain.

The second bouncer looked at his partner then me with a shock expression, he brought out a club and tried to attack me.

I moved back a little, in order to add pressure to my wrist and when he tried to attack me with the club, I gifted him the punch on his g---n and I watched as he fell to his knee like a fallen Goliath and passed out.

The second one seeing what happened brought out a small pistol and aimed it at me.
” take another step and I send you to your d--n early grave and believe me ,no one will know” he said attaching silencer to the gun.
” must we do this, just lay down your arms and let me go inside and I might reconsider letting you live ” I said with a bold countenance and he bursted into laughter.

” looks like the little guy is ready to go ” he said and pulled the trigger, I felt the bullet hit me on my chest, I became angry at once as I felt my claws coming out, and started moving closer to him.

On seeing this, he emptied the remaining bullets into my body but it didn’t affect me, I slashed his throat when I got nearer to him and I watched as he died without feeling any ounce of pity for him.

I wiped his blood off my hand on his cloth, took my bag ,opened the door and entered the club.


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