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His Secret (The magical spell) [completed] Season 1

His Secret (The magical spell) [completed] Season 1
“grin,grin” my alarm clock rang.

I stopped it then stood up from the bed.

I walked sluggishly to the bathroom to
wash my face.

I stared at my reflection at the mirror
opposite me and I could see blood stains
on my face.

I looked at my both palm and they were
stained with blood.

“f--k I slept like that again without
refreshing up after hunting last night” I
said to myself.

I took a quick bath wore my clothes and
ate the remaining raw meat .
“it’s 10 already and am already late for

At school……
I was about entering the class when the
lecturers voice stopped me
“you are late so leave my class” he barked

I just stared at him and smiled. On normal
basis I would just walk up to the lecturer
and say something to him and he would
just change his mind but I didn’t feel like
doing it.

I just put on my headset and stood front of
the class.
“hi, are you also late?” a female voice said
but I ignored it.
“are you hearing what am saying” she said
again and I turned to her with anger.
“don’t you see that am putting on a
headset and that I need privacy” I said with
anger shocking her.

“I was just trying to be friendly” she said in
a polite tune.

I walked out on her and I could still here
what she’s saying that’s because I have the
ability to here from far.

Lilly’s pov……

I felt happy standing outside near the
school famous boy.

His name is Kelly, he was good in sports
and had great speed.

He was too beautiful not handsome
because it’s an understatement.

Many girls are dying to just sit close to him.

The only problem he has is that he is too

I tried talking to him but he just ignored

When he left I felt bad.

“his just too selfish and rude but his cute” I
said walking to another direction.

Since there was nothing to do, I decided to
just go to the school basketball court to

I read my books and when I checked the
time, it was almost time for the next
lecture I parked my things and started
heading to the class when I bumped into
Kelly that was coming from another

My books scattered all over the floor.
“am sorry” I said bending down to pick up
my books

I parked everything remaining one.

Immediately Kelly reach where it was, he
kicked the book and it went far.

I still followed it, when he got where it is
again, he kicked it to another direction and
it went far.

“that’s for disturbing my peace earlier” he said walking out.

I just glared at him then raised one of it
behaving as if I want to throw it at him.
I kept the book then went to pick up the
order book.

“his such a bad jerk” I said biting my lips.

Kelly’s pov…..

When I got to the class the lecturer was
still there soon the weird girl came.
“the both of you are partners for the
upcoming projects your course mate would
explain better to you” he said.
“what!” I shouted glaring at her.

“I’ve made my decision” he said leaving the

“hi man why so late today” one of my
friend asked.

“I don’t want to talk” i said with an angry

My course mate explained everything about
the practical after that I entered my car
and left.

I parked my at the road side then sat on a
small bridge that was constructed to dive
into the water then I stared at my

My face changed. One side was that of a
human and the order side was that of a

“I would just eat her” I said showing my
animal teeth.


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