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Hush Season 1

Hush Season 1
Afefe and Ruffy's boys march Chief's boys at gun point, out of the building, leaving Chief Lasisi with Ruffy and Alabama.
Chief Lasisi tells them they don't know who they are messing with.
Alhaji is in his office with Bem.
He gets off the phone and says Bem wasn't happy because he asked his boys to move in on the scene without informing Bem but he was just told now that Bem's men were also on the scene and Bem didn't inform him either.
Bem says Tes is his son.
Alhaji says Bem should know that just as he has his ways, so does he.
The campaign manager tells Oye he hopes Tes is found.
Oye says he almost sounded honest.
He says if Tes is not found then it might make for a better story.
Oye warnsthat if anything happens to Tes, she would make his life hell.
He says it's not like he is responsible for the abduction.
Adze is at home throwing a fit that he can't go out and rescue his brother.
Vina tells him to calm down.
Adze calls Billz to see if he has traced Tes' phone
Billz says he can't get anything yet.
Adze starts to freak out about losing someone else, saying Tes is his blood and his big brother.
Vina says at least be still has a family.
He holds her.
She decides to make them some tea.
Adze calls Vina's mother and she tells him to call her back.
He asks if she is alright.
She says her husband is in the hospital and they are demanding for money she can't afford.
He tells her to send the details of the bill.
She thanks him.
Tayo comes to Folahan's office and Oye asks what he is there for.
Folahan's campaign manager says he invited him for a follow up story.
Oye gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry.
Tes is brought back home by Wumi and Bem.
Adze and Vina rush to him.
Oye runs in and hugs him with a promise never let him out of her sight.
Koko is on the phone with Oye who hangs up on her
Terry asks what's wrong and Koko says Oye is sleeping over at Tes' place.
Terry says it had to be expected after all that happened.
Koko asks whose side he's on.
He asks if there is anything going on between her and her sister.
Koko says she just wants things to be fine between her and Oye again.
Terry assures her things will be good again because they are blood related.
He says he has to leave.
She stands up and he gives her a kiss.
She looks taken aback and he says he didn't mean to do it.
Bem and Wumi are outside.
She asks him what's wrong.
He says his greatest fear is losing his sons.
Dehinde comes into the compound and Bem tells him to get out.
Oye tucks Tes in bed.
He asks why she gave him false information about Dehinde.
She says she put it for Tayo to find.
He says it doesn't make it right.
She she's it's politics.
She asks how she can justify ruining an innocent man's image.
They hear some noise coming down outside.
Adze orders Dehinde to get out of the compound.
Tes and Oye come outside.
Dehinde says the story against him is false and he also didn't plan any form of attack on Tes.
Detective Linda arrives with her men and tells Dehinde they have been looking for him.
He follows them without a fuss.
Billz sits next to Adze at the clubhouse and they pretend to argue.
Benson, Folahan and warden are with Bem.
He tells them the matter with his abducted son has been resolved.
Adze starts arguing with Billz about not being able to track his brother when he needed him to.
Bem warns that if they make one more strike, they will be suspended.
Cynthia comes to see Koko at home with a suitcase.
Koko asks why she came with a packed bag.
Cynthia says she has come for a sleep over and before she leaves, Koko will kiss Terry.
Koko says she's late because he was around earlier and kissed her.
Cynthia is very excited.
The meeting is over.
Folahan stops Adze as he tries to leave and asks if Adze thought he wouldn't know it was he who tried to run him over.


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