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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 2

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 2
as jack pull the trigger i close my eyes, i thought she was dead.
Jack: if you move a step closer i wont miss your head this time.
I open my eyes and i saw her standing, then my mind calm down a bit.
Tina: the first time you point a gun at me, you know what happen.
Jack: oh yeah thats why this time am more prepared than before.
Tina: so am here what now.
Jack: you remain here till she come.
Tina: oh yeah i heard she’s now the boss.
Jack: na you know, guys tie her down.
They took another chair and force her to sit down opposite me, they tie her as they tie me.
Jack: dont worry it wont be long.
Tina: i heard she really cry when she heard the news of your brother’s death.
Jack: thats why she will kill you herself and watch your boyfriend here cry.
I was just too tired to speak so i just face tina, the guys leave me
and my sweatheart alone in the room with a blurring light, she look me in the eye and i saw tears on her eyes, i was move when i saw her crying.
Me: baba baby, youuu crrryyiinng, i stammered.
Tina: no am not my dear, i wont cry, is just that i love you so much
that i dont have the chance to express it passionately because i
thought i was taking advantage of you.
Me: you aint taking any advantage of me, i love you and it was my
choice to follow you.
Tina: no i choose that step for you and now see what i’ve caused.
Me: i dont want to lose you mama. I cried out aloud.
Tina: oh dont cry my baby, am not afraid to die its just the tears you will shed that am afraid of.
I started crying this time heavily, tears continue dropping off her
chicks slowly, “if you guys dont keep quiet i will come in there
and silent you forever” a guy shouted from outside.
I wanted to control the cry but i couldnt, i didnt know i was so much in love with her until now, i was feeling so down
that i started thinking how i will live my life without her, the
sobbing was too much that one guy came inside and started slapping me to keep quiet.
Tina: hey you idiot leave him alone.
Guy: you called me idiot?
Gboooai, he slap tina,
Guy: you idiot you killed our boss and you still have the guts to open your mouth here, well i will punish you my own
way. He hit his gun and tina’s head and she pass out, he lose the rope.
Me: leave her alone please, i manage to stay amidst struggling breath.
Guy: you will watch her cry here before my boss kill her.
He move tina to one table making her to lie ontop the table, he pull
down his trouser and he was about to pull tina’s own when she turn and head the guy in his mouth then she jump up and give him a deadly leg like van damm, the guy pass out at once,

another guy rush inside the room and fired his gun at tina, she bend down on the ground and put her hand inside her shoe, he fire his gun at her again and she roll on the ground to left side of the room closer to the wall, as he wanted to fire the third time tina throw a small knife at him that she took from her shoe and it stroke his throat, the guy hold his throat with his two hands kneel down and struggling for breath then he fell down like goliath, i was surprise everything just happen so fast that i started wondering if am watching movie, she came to me, kiss me on the head and said.
Tina: time to go home baby.

To be continued…

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