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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 4

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 4
Me: celestina?
Tina: hello boo.

Me: how did you……..(i was trying to get up)
Tina: sshhhhhh be still, rest yourself am not going anywhere, we are alone here too so be calm when you are fine i will tell you

Me: (after laying back) they are dead, Stephaine and Catherine are dead. (I said crying)
Tina: shhhh, relax i know.

Me: we must avenge their death.
Tina: just like you were trying to avenge mine that almost got you killed?
Me: i thought you were dead.
Tina: no.

Me: yeah i can see you, the funny thing is that now that you are here i dont even know what to say, i feel like a fool trying to avenge your
death, i did horrible things i never thought i could do.

Tina: well everything happened for a reason. (she said standing up and walking to the door), am coming let me check what am cooking..
Me: hope you wont disappear again?
Tina: nowhere to go for now.

She left me in the hut while i kept on wondering how and where she emerge from, is like am seeing a ghost but shes real because she touched me with her hands, how can i be so stupid? but come to think of it i thought she was dead, she was alive all this time and she never
care to contact me? How did she do it? alive all this while but kept shut, i did many horrible things to avenge her death and now
Catherine and Stephaine are both dead, they sacrifice their life for nothing, she could have just told me shes still alive instead of letting me
go all this holes just to avenge her, am in this portharcourt because of her self, by the way where are we?

I was still lost in thought when she walked in.
Tina: how are you doing? (she came in sitting beside the bed).

Me: how can you do this to me?
Tina: we will talk about that when you are fine for now forget about that.

Me: how can i forget about it when many people are dead because of me?

Tina: trust me i didnt even know you had it in you. (she gave me a tea).

Me: i dont want to drink i want to know why you didnt bother to contact me since.

Tina: i told you not now.
Me: i want to hear it now.
Tina: i was in a coma.
Me: what?

Tina: yes i was in a coma all this while, i came out three days ago.
Me: waoh am sorry.

Tina: dont be, now drink your tea, open your mouth.

I open my mouth as she feed me like a baby, all my body are plastered and the pain is extremely painful i doubt if i can walk for a month.

Me: we need to call Edna.
Tina: she will be here soon.
Me: where are we by the way?
Tina: we are in portharcourt.
Me: which place?
Tina: Kalio.

Me: okay, so how are we gonna fight back.

Tina: we wont.
Me: excuse me?
Tina: yeah we wont.
Me: why?

Tina: because i say so.
Me: you are not serious, if you like dont join me but all i know is that i wont rest till i cut Mabel’s head off.

Tina: if you want her dead, i will kill her but am not going to let you see a gun again.
Me: the only way you can stop me is to lock me up.

Tina: i wont, you wont be able to move for weeks.
Me: come on dear, see what they did to us, do you really think they will rest until we are dead?
Tina: we will fight back but you not going to be part of us.

Me: what do you mean?
Tina: you are going back to school, you need to live your life and forget about cultist.
Me: really? I dont even have my waec yet.
Tina: we will enrol you here where you will write your Neco and focus on your study.

Me: i dont want all this, i want revennngeeeee (i screamed)


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