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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 6

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 6
Title: Political War

“Guy wetin be your name?” dogo ask
“My name na ozila” I replied.

“Wetin carry fine boy like you come here?” questioned dogo.

“Na fight bros, cult fight and I kill person” I said.

“So small boy like you they bam yourself abi?”
“No be my fault oh bros, I dey small wey they initiate me” I said.

“As you done kill person so make you know say na here be your new home, na here you go stay forever” he said smoking his pipe.

“I know bros, I will rather be here than out there” I said.

“Hahahahahaha” dogo laughed so hard.
“Why you they laugh?” I ask.
“If you nor know, e they easy to kill person for here than outside, police wey they here they guard worst pass your fellow cultist you they fear outside” he said.

“Then I will be careful” I said, walking around the cell.

Dogo is my inmate, we are sharing the same cell in Kirikiri prison in Lagos, he was in for stealing, he said he has been stealing for many years now but when he finally got the big money, his girlfriend set him up for arrest and collect the money all for herself, he still has some level outside the prison as his boys settle the police men here to send him some stuff and treat him well.

I was thinking about Edna when one police man came and called me out, he said I have a visitor, I came out and followed him to the visitors room, there I saw Edna in full hijab sitting and waiting for me.

The moment she saw me she came to me and hug me.

“You have lost weight” she said touching me like a mother who has lost his son for a long time.
She talk to the police man and he agreed to take us to a private room, he lock the room outside leaving us inside.

I sat on the only seat on the room.
“How are you Edna?” I ask.
“Am okay just missing my love” she said.
“And what about Tina?” I ask.

“shes doing fine in rivers and the government is even backing her, I try to talk to my dad to free you but he said the case is strong because of the governor of river state, he said you will be in forever” she said.

“So what you are saying now is that I will be in here forever, like forever?” I rephrased.

“Oh well, I have told you what the law said legally” she replied.

“And what are your illegal plans?” I ask.
“Still working on it, we trying to make them transfer you to another prison, my hands here in lagos are tied, so many eyes watching” she said.

“Okay then, I will just be here waiting” I said.
“Just stay alert, if the transfer didn’t work we can hit anytime” she said.

“Am always on high alert” I said.
We talk about other things and then she left and I was taken back to my cell where I saw dogo sleeping, I enter gently without making any noise, we have two bed and my own is down while his own is up, I climb mine and relax.


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