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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 7

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 7

Edna POV
What will you do if you are betrayed by the one you love and trust? Oh well many people will say forgive but that’s not in my dictionary, I will have my revenge later even if it cost me my life, my name is Edna and am the daughter of a politician, am married to the president son but I don’t love him, I love ozila but now that he has betrayed me for reason I know nothing about, I won’t stop until I kill, he lied that I sent him to Rivers to kill the governor’s daughter though I don’t know the reason for him to utter such gibberish, that’s why I need to find him and ask him before I kill him myself, Now am on the run because I can’t be seen in Nigeria after his confession went public, he starting a war between me and the governor of Rivers state, he will surely pay for it.

I came to London five months ago to hide from my enemy, as far as I can tell nobody know that am here with my heavy tummy, only my dad and my husband knows my whereabout, am living here in a small Royal hotel for royalties and I love in block C in room 303, the building is tall so I can see everywhere here from the window, there are other tall buildings in this area but this one is the tallest apart from the skyscraper facing me, I live with one of my maid Blessing, I choose her because she knows me well and also she’s part of my cult, am living a secret life for now until I put to bed and honestly am not loving life here because am eager to know what went wrong in Rivers state, I can’t call home because my call will be traced back here which I don’t want, I can do everything after I put to bed let me just lay low for now.

On Sunday morning I woke up from bed as usual, my room is just normal with two bedroom and one sitting room, I sleep in one while blessing sleep in the other, I woke up and saw her cooking something.

“Good morning blessing” I greeted her.
“Good morning ma, how was your night?” She ask.

“My night was great just little disturb from the little one in my tummy” I replied.

“Waoh, a kick that means goodluck because he is eager to come out” she said.

“How do you know its a He?” I ask her.

“With that kind stomach for just five months I can tell its a boy” she replied.

“Hmmm, I need a girl oh” I said jokingly.

“Any one God give us will be appreciated, I told you to go for scan”

“No, we will the sex of the baby when its born, have you boiled my water?” I ask.

“Yes, I turn it inside the flask and its inside the bathroom” she said.

“Okay good, select the dress I will wear to church, I don’t want anything tight” I commanded.

“Yes mam”
I don’t miss Sunday church because that’s the only day I go out, talking about being stucked here everyday is something I don’t like, assuming am not pregnant even my dad wont stop me from going back to Nigeria.

I took my bath and get dress for sunday service, before eight me and blessing are already on our way, we attend catholic which is close to our hotel, the service went well as usual and when we close, I decided to walk home because I wanted some fresh air, me and blessing stroll along London street and I was excited to the big Emirates stadium, home of arsenal football club, London is really beautiful with mansions everywhere, oh well they stole from us Africans so they are really rich and am not surprise about the beautiful city.

We enter the street to our hotel, as we walk and chat a car pass and stop in front of us, as I move to the pedestrian lane I saw from the mirror of the glass a dark figure following us, I stop at once.

“What is it Edna?” Blessing ask.
“Nothing keep moving” I said.
We keep moving and as we walk fast I took out my make up mirror and check my back again, the figure or person is still following us.
“We are be followed” I said.



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