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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 8

Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) Season 8
The Redemption

I dive inside the big river not minding my injured leg, Thank God I can swim very well, I swim to the deepest part searching for Edna, I search and search and search but still yet I didn’t see her, I will come out from the river to breath and then dive in again to look for her, I tried many times with no avail, I was frustrated, why did I launch the rocket? I started regretting, I didn’t see her nor Tina. I didnt want to go even though the police siren are close by, I saw their boat approaching still yet I dhve inside the water again looking for Edna, as I was swimming inside I started loosing myself, I was out of energy, I couldn’t move again.

I passed out inside the deep water, I felt someone grab my hand and started pulling me up, the person started giving me CPR, I coughed out water and when I open my eyes I saw myself in the police boat, the police men have saved me.

I was cold and shivering, they ask me questions when they saw that I wasn’t ready to answer any of them they kept quiet and took me out of the water, they put me inside ambulance and they speed of to Lagos state university teaching hospital.

They took me to one room and fix drip for me ontop one white bed, I was cold and still shrivering, I was thinking of Edna till I fell asleep.

It was all my fault, now I have lost my baby and Edna, what am I going to do now? All my plans have been shattered by that witch “Tina” what did I do to deserve all this?

I opened my eyes, its morning already, I slept for long, I remove the third drip from my body, I manage to stand up from the bed, I came out from the room they put me, there are so many people in the hospital, I walk to the visiting room where I saw everybody watching the plasma TV including one police man probably waiting for me to get my report, they were reporting the news of what happened in the bridge, I heard they rescued two females from the water, one pregnant, they were transporting her to the hospital when some ladies with gun attack them and took her and the other girl, the only link to the incident is one other guy which they also rescued from the water who is currently receiving treatment in LUTH, that’s when i regain my strenght automatically.

I ran out of the hospital as the police men started chasing me


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