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Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress (18 ) [Completed] Season 1

Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress (18 ) [Completed] Season 1
My new environment is not like the formal. As I have many places to enjoy myself every night and mingle with higher profile people even though I am nt that good in this type of social life.

It has not being more than three months now that I came to this place after my NYSC. I have no friend in this neghbourhood, but a lot of places to enjoy myself either every night or during the weekend. There is this big hotel in my neighbourhood. I like to go there everytime I come back frm wrk, either to go mingle or watching EPL (premiership league) and other related matches when less busy. The first time I went to that hotel, I have never taken a congnisance to see difference gals coming in and out of the hostel. But as the time goes on, I begin to see
difference people taking a girl to hotel, drinking, bleeping and other stuff which beyond human talk. It is like I begin to know hw to take a woman out on a normal ground, whether nah iyawo’le or olosho… Jus to have your way within some minutes and everybody find his or her way.

It was fun sometime because I even lik to watch these people and their ways of living, enjoyment and all that. It sometime funny to me and I find some irritating. But wetin concern me concern the girls take enter room. Who won’t want to enjoy life ganself? A pot is calling a kettle black.

I am a socialize as well, but way of being a social guy is nt in this manner. That is y everytime I want to ask for the drink. It might be normal soft drink. There is a guy that always wan to familiarize himself to me, but I was jus being careful of begin to make a friend with anyone as a new guy in the a changing environment. Everytime we dey watch match, the girls would be serving and the place would be like’ as u take your eyes watching, your hand in mouth.

Sunderly, the guy broke the silence and first introduces himself to me:
Guy: hi bro, did u watch Liverpool vs Chelsea yesterday?
Me: yes nah, who no go watch am$
Guy: ha, d match tough oooo… I never knew chelsea could qualify for the final.
Me: me tooo, thanks for alone goal from ivanovic.
Guy; I tot you just came to this area?
Me: yes
Guy: you are a quite and cute guy. I like ur acting
Me: ***if I hear*** I will take that as a complement. Thanks!

The guy called out: hey waitress kindly give me one stout and plate of peper soup and a beer for my guy too. And turn into the direction of my sitting
Guy: which product would you like to take?
Me: me? noooO, thanks!
Guy: y? Haaaaa… You too can do d same next time nah. It is notin.
Me: I no, but I just don’t take anytin related to beer.
Guy: haaaa, so, u r just like the way I was thinking.
Me: hw?
Guy: no wonder all the gals dey throw themselves to u.
Me: that is misseduse of wrds, who dey throw themselve to me?
Guy: u can’t notice nah
Me: hw?
Guy: that gal wey come serve me always looking at you whenever you come here.
Me:eeeeeeh, and I never notice.
Guy: I guest it might be she like u. I guess
Me: hw do you know?
Guy: cause everyguy here has tried her but she declined.
Me: interesting, but hw do you knw everybody done tried her?
Guy: no b this place I dey enjoy my life. I no niiii.
Me: ok
Guy; I which u try your lucky to.
Me: me? I am sorry. Aja o’gbodo jobi nah( dog must not eat kolanut nah)
Guy: a trial will convince u den. Cuase d girl ta lenu gan ni ooooo…
Me: hen hen…
Guy: she may even decline u gansef. How u take knw no dat?
Me: me? Baba e lawa je.
Guy; continue to form. I say make u try d tin.
Me: I am not just intersted jareh.
Guy: k, I am snakie
Me: am jerryto. But you can call me Jt
After Snakie left, I begun to sift my eyes into the direction of the gal. Honestly, the girl se kah-kah gan ni oooo… Haaa, come see bumbum.

I dey tel u! Every time she turn her back into my direction, I swallow hard. A liitle jacking in my boxer making me realise i can still go for it jus like snakie suggested. I can’t explain if na snakie that influence my thinking or it just natural occurrence. Sometime, you just like somebody not knowing how and why, but I guess;
*** when u begin to like the act of a person, that is when you see such person as an actor or actress*** however, mull-over will now be a rehearsal. a woman Is controller in this period where her kitty-cat wil now be jus like a prison. While a man will be an officer whose d!ckson is a criminal. If you ever put your prisoner inside a prison, you could never tel what would happen to him. One prisoner may enter prison and become soft after a moment. ***especially when encounter with some many hotter prison stuffs*** although not all the prisoner comeback from prison become soft. on the other hand, a prisoner may enter a prison and become ipata or become softer and if stay like some minutes outside stil turn out to be as hard/turgid as rock *** this means that prisoner feels like take a prison as home*** courtesy of kitty cat!


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