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Must Read: Curious (16+)… [Completed] Season 1

Must Read: Curious (16+)… [Completed] Season 1
Adanna looked around her in awe, never has she in her twenty six years of
life seen any neighborhood like this.

Well maybe its because she did not
come from a rich background but even then she had rich friends back when
she was in school and even their neighborhood noe houses could compare to
billionaires like Adenuga, or influential people like linda Ikeji.

Driving through the gated community in which he just bought him self a
multi million dollar house,Samuel was filled with pride,across from him was
his wife of six months who has still not overcome her shyness for him.

Who would have thought that Samuel Kombol could marry a damsel such as Adanna.

His wife looks definitely could have gotten her on the cover of high
fashion magazines or even on a run way around the world,sometimes he wonder
why she did not become a model she got everything to make her a star from
her long legs that she covers beneath her long skirts to her honey brown
eyes that seems to captivate your mind every time you look at her. He was indeed a lucky man.

Pulling up in front of his house he stepped out of his car and walked
behind it to get their luggages. Since they were moving from a different
state and wanted to save cost they decided to sell the things in their
former house and use the money from the sale to get new furnitures for the
new house. He had employed an interior decorator to take care of all the
necessary details involved in making his house presentable and walking
inside he must admit the young lady did a really nice and thorough job
the house looked like one of this hollywood stars homes.

Adams is standing in his bedroom by his window lost in his thoughts when a
movement distracted him,looking down he can see his new neighbours moving
their luggage into their home. He did not really pay them any attention
after all he probably would only see them once a year since most of the people who lived in the estate were all well to do and always jet setting from one part of the world to the other.

Walking across his room,he sits on his chair thinking about his life,at twenty eight he had nothing to show
for it all he had was his parents wealth and his monthly allowance from his
late grandmother’s will she set up for him. He has never really had passion
for the family business which was a disappointment to his father.

Mr Eko always wanted to hand over his chain of consulting firms to his son and
never considered any other profession good enough. Taking a deep sigh Adams
thought of his unfinished paintings, well that would have to wait because
for the past couple of weeks he had not felt the passion to paint intact he
felt alienated from everything around him,maybe he should take a vacation
after all his dealer Susan was always telling him to.


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