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Aduke Season 1

Aduke Season 1

After the death of my first love Adesewa, I thought I would never love again… But Aduke proved me wrong.

My name is Ayomide, I’m known as oko Adesewa by friends cos I used to be Adesewa’s favourite.

Adesewa was my first love but now she’s gone…i mean dead, but I love to live by her name, so that’s why I love oko Adesewa.
I’m the first in the family of three, sometimes I wish mama Ayo gave birth to more than just one, anyway papa ayo tried his best, the sperm just refuses to hit the eggs.

I’m a student of Adekunle Ajasin university, I’m studying GPS and I’m more of a seriously unserious student, But I’m intelligent, I don’t know, but my friends do say that I am.

Before the death of Adesewa, I was a very ‘good bad’ boy I mean to say I’m good in being bad, but when I met Adesewa, I was lost in love and I turned surprisely good. But after her death, I felt like a lost sheep without a shepherd , what hope does a lost sheep with a dead shepherd have?
the only person that knows how to communicate and find the sheep is the shepherd and once the shepherd is no more…the faith of the sheep will be uncertain, it will remain undecided.

After the death of Adesewa, I didn’t turn bad, I was just a victim of dangerous circumstances.

Episode 1
Having a dark past doesn’t gives a bright future, surviving a rugged terrain doesn’t gives a clear path, having a bitter memories doesn’t makes a sweet tomorrow. All of this only makes you stronger, gone are when life continues with ‘happily ever ‘ but now, we can only find such in a Disney movie or cartoon. In every pages of life there are always a challenge either good or bad, just don’t let them pull you down.

Few years after the death of Adesewa, I tried to move on, but I couldn’t.

I desired to live the remaining part of my life in memories of Adesewa…never to fall in love again.

I thought it was the right thing to do, cos it feels like the right thing to do and on the same note, it feels like I’m locking myself up in an entire life darkness. A heart that can never love again is a heart that dwells in the darkness of sorrowful emotions. A life I wish I had.

I trained myself to be a bit garrulous, just to distract my mind from having a thought about Adesewa which always run through my mind every seconds.

I made friends with anyone that seems friendly, especially when you make me smile and laugh, I won’t want to let that person go.
Let me introduce my friendsto you. I’m surrounded with twins, sometimes I ask my mom.

“iya ayo, are you sure no one stole Kenny from you at birth cos some of my friends are twins and I think I should be a twin too”
My two departmental friends are taiwo and taiwo. Not to get confused, the first taiwo is nickname lastdon I think he now call himself Nuzzuka king. A name he picked from a cartoon I gave him to watch “Rio” sometimes I call him Roberto and he calls me Phillippi. Those two names are characters from the cartoon.

The other taiwo also have his own nickname. We call him Tee swag and when we want to make his head swell, we address him as Apple Boy.

Those two are my departmental friends and we are greatly close. I also have neighborhood friends like, Baba dudu, funsho, sukanmi, Sade, tinuke just to mention few. I also have school sons and daughters. I guessed I’m learning to be responsible.

The story started some months ago, I met Aduke on a social network, which was facebook. Just like any other friends, I accepted her friend request and we gets chatting assertively like a stranger. I had no interest in her and never does she.

Taking a leap away from that, I tried to live a life of fun, sometimes life is too short to make it a boring hell, I would rather make it a fascinating hell.

Having both the beautiful and sad aspect of life makes me blend easily to any kind of situation or life I found myself in.
You speak about being bad, I’m once, and I know how well the game go, and you speak about love and beauty, I pretty had a sweet memories of that too. You speak about the greatest fear of life, I’ve had a taste of that too.

So there’s nothing the Mother Nature can throw at me that I can’t withstand. In all areas, I can clearly fit in.

A guy life is simple, a lady life is far more simple, it’s only circumstances that make it complex.

As a guy, I have friends that ain’t in the same world as I am. They are like a horse waiting and wanting to be tame.

They want to have a taste of being bad, but they got a Psycho insted. They got me.
Communicating with ladies was something I found so easy to do. This is a guy secret, when he see a lady that he like, he’s either scared of talking to the lady or somehow shy of approaching. I’m once, but not anymore.
School life has been the best…
I was woken up by my alarm at 5am in the morning.

“oh menh, it’s Monday again.” I said as I roll slowly on my bed.
“God… I hate Monday’s ” I murmured then I stood up to prepare myself.
Monday is usually a very stressful day for me. I do have lectures by seven in the morning till five in the evening.

The early bird catches the biggest worm. So to fetch a good and neat drinking water, I have to wake up early and head to the well before it gets crowded.

I picked my iron pail and bucket and head sluggishly to the well.

I got to the well and I found the place empty, But the floor was wet, meaning someone got there before I did. I saw two buckets of water besides the well, and I’m pretty sure the owner will be coming back for them.

I throw the fetcher into the well and I began to fetch my own water. Just as I was fetching I noticed some slight movement in the nearby bush.
I focused my gaze towards where the sounds came from and I saw someone squatting down in the bush. I knew what the person is doing but I choose to do a little teasing.
“hey! Who is there, human being or spirit ? ” I asked drastically.
“A human ” replied a feminine voice.
When I heard the female voice, I thought within me.

“so slay queen’s self dey shit for bush ”
I didn’t say anything back to her, I just continue my fetching. I had to increase my fetching speed cos her feces smell has engrossed the atmosphere.
I was almost done fetching when I heard her grunting hard like a pig. She must have ate some wonderfully hard Eba as a dinner.
” is everything alright or do you need help? ” I said with a teasing tone.
“gentleman please mind your business ” she replied.
(AYE MI!!!)

I never saw it coming… I zipped up my mouth as I finished up my fetching.
I was about leaving when I heard her saying something.

” can you please pass me a bowl of water, I want to use it to wash myself. I forgot to…”
Yes!!! Pay back time.
“Urrrghhh, sorry I can’t, I’m too busy minding my business, I guess you should use the leaf ” I said then I took my leave. I didn’t look back, I just head straight home.
I did some little cleaning when I got home including dish washing and some quick scrubbing.

By 6:30 am, I was already set for lecture. I used 15 minutes to walk to the school and I arrived at the lecture studio 15 minutes before the time.

While sitting down waiting for the lecturer arrival. I decided to login to my facebook account since my friends ain’t around.
I was reading through my news feed when Aduke messaged me.
I was too busy to reply so I just ignore her message and then continue scrolling through my news feed.
I was enjoying the post and at the same time laughing at some comedy jokes being posted in some groups I’m in.
I’m an admin in some groups like ‘ campus stories’, ‘keeping you online’, ‘ Romantic, interesting and comedy stories’ and others so my facebook account is always fun.


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