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Story: Legend Of An Ikotun Boy Season 1

Story: Legend Of An Ikotun Boy Season 1
A story written by Callmefemi…

This is John Champion and Jim beglin… Yes this is the world cup final between Nigeria and Netherlands. Its 88 min with Netherlands leading 2 goals to one 1…
And its a corner to the Netherlands, great clearance from omeruo; Samuel with the ball …its him against 6 defenders, what can he do… He’s beaten 3 players, the defense is left with 3 defenders…
Woah!! He beats heitinga, beays strootman and Vlaar is the last defender to beat… Yes Samuel has beaten them…
Yeee!!! …its him against the goalie!! GOAL!!! Samuel equalizes!!
With less than a minute more. Its a free kick to Nigeria…and its Samuel to take it …
Yes I can do it… This is my time… Netherland papa… Suddenly I felt Someone Slapping my back…
KPA!!! KPA!!! KPA!!!
”Brother Samuel daddy said you should come for devotion o” Paul my Younger brother said.
‘Oooh wich kin nonsense b dis now …when I wan make history’
‘Woh tell daddy say I dey come jhor’…
After devotion, I rushed my breakfast and headed for my friend’s house…
‘Hey Nonso aw fr na’…I said
‘Ah dey o Frog!!’…Nonso said
‘how far your client na?’
‘the fool no wan reply me o, I taya’ …He said
He also rushed his breakfast, and we headed for the cafe…
YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Mugu don fall o!!!
‘Why you dey shout like pesin wey wan c’um na?’
‘Guy ma clinet don pay o’
I couldn’t believe my ears… Nonso showed me his email…
‘Ol boy una go gimme my share o’ … The cafe attendant said.
The look he received from Me and Nonso was enough to make him pee in his pants…
We were gisting about how and when we were going to cash the money out when we felt someone tapping us from our back.
I immediately turned and slapped the person without knowing who it was. It seem the Devil is always there to put sand into my Spag …
The Man while holding his cheek in amazement showed me his ID card… Tears nearly escaped my eyes, but ikotun boys don’t cry.
I look at Nonso, He looked back at me… One thing was sure…WE WERE BUSTED..well with Davido’s Gobe playing in the background…

To Be Continued…


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