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Must Read: King Arthur’s Desire [completed] Season 1

Must Read: King Arthur’s Desire [completed] Season 1
I guess this is the part were I do the whole intro stuff…

My Name is Victor Olabisi Adesan, I hail from the ikeja Axis of Lagos state, Nigeria and this is my story…

I was walking down the school corridor when someone held my hand and dragged me to an almost deserted part of the school, in fact it was deserted, apart from the ugly looking birds that perched on the window, although I could not tell who it was that dragged me there but surely it was a girl, as I felt her trinkets collide against each other. This almost deserted hall, did not look deserted to me anymore as I began to see people approaching, female students I could not recognise, slowly they came closer but in ‘unism’, one of the girls, held my shirt like she was going to tear it apart, it soon dawned on me that I was d only boy there. #Danger# the other girls came real close and were about to do something weird, when I heard the buzzing sound of my alarm, it was then I realised that it was a dream… Blah blah blah, let’s skip d boring part of the story…

*Monday morning 6:23am*
After my rather Bizarre dream, I found it had to sleep again, I flipped through the pages of my note until it was 6:30am, it was time for morning devotion, I greeted the rest of the family(Dad, mum, sis Eniola and Bisi) in my local yoruba dialect. It was my turn to lead the morning devotion that morning and for no reason at all I was a little bit nervous. I actually started on a low key, singing the little worship songs I knew until, all of a sudden I could hear myself praying fiercely, if the Devil himself were to have been in our midst I am sure by now he would have been history,yes! it was that serious.

After the Devotion, mum patted my back and said, “finally all the church you have been going to have started paying off” even big sis Eniola smiled at me for the first time that morning…

I got ready for school and at about 7:29 I arrived school, My school; Focus High School, was known for its outstanding performance in Competitions especially Math Competitions.

By the time I arrived school, the school was very scanty, although in my class five students were already present.

My seat mates were nowhere to be found by that time, they were perpetual late comers. I saluted, Bisi, Rene, Davies and Sade, oops I said I met five students in my class already, the fifth Person was Pearl, For no reason at all we were not in good terms or so I thought until I heard a voice that sounded surely like hers, saying; “no royal handshake for me?”, in fact I was certain she was the one, I turned back to look at her and discovered that her hands were already outstretched waiting for my hands to meet hers, I did shake her even though I did not want to for reasons best known to me.

Assembly started and was soon over, first period was over, we were waiting for the subject teacher for the second and third period. We had Math double period, for one reason or the other he was absent, Hey who cares why he’s absent? All i know is that we have two free periods. My classmates were so happy, some argued about football, others played games, while for people like us, we just observed…

I was still observing the state of the class when Vanessa, my long time crush, came to my seat, we talked about random stuffs till it was break time, we left the class for the Cafeteria to fix ourselves something, I really enjoyed her company, we bought some snacks, I offered to pay but she refused (not like I wanted to pay sha, just trying to be a gentleman).

We left for class after purchasing our snacks, as soon we entered the class, the whole class seemed to have paused their activities as the were looking at us as if there was a James Bond movie playing on our foreheads. She almost tripped, thank God she did not. I could not wait to seat down, my seat seemed so far, so I ran, by now I didn’t really care what they were thinking…

**Fast forward to closing time**
The closing bell blared like an overdue alarm. I packed my bag pack, waved my Padis them (my main friends), and was about to go when Sade asked if I was going to leave her at school, I didn’t need to reply cause it was rhetorical.
Sade and I had a very long and awesome chat, we talked about issues ranging from; School, house, the forth coming dinner, girls, I was comfy with our little discussion until I heard something that sounded like; Do you like her? I mean Vanessa, I looked at Sade with those shocked eyes that would make anybody feel guilty *trust me, I was good at that* there was this grave silence that rocked our walk home, I knew I could not continue with the silence, so I asked her why she asked then perhaps I was more than shocked with what I heard “she likes you”, “how do you know?” Was what I heard myself saying, Sade smiled and said ; “Am a girl, I should know and besides she told me, so do you or do you not like her?” We were approaching my bus stop when I said; [B] “Maybe the formal” leaving her with a puzzled face. They often called me a complicated person at school and at home, as no one could really understand me, apart from this girl Vanessa. She seamed to understand me so well, that I often thought of her as my soul mate, Images of her calm and beautiful face lingered in my mind, I was lost in my thought and accidentally bumped into an angry looking Hausa soldier man, with that wicked accent, I apologised to him like my life depended on it, maybe it did, then for the first time he spoke, I wanted to laugh when I heard him say; “you wan to fall me fo?” With that kind of chronic Hausa accent, but my present predicament wouldn’t allow me.

The soldier hissed (lol hausa hiss) and left. I was relieved and I dismissed all thoughts of Vanessa from my mind untill I got home.

**What will the next couple of days have in stock for me?**


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