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Shadows of the Green [completed] Season 1

Shadows of the Green [completed] Season 1


She was walking aimlessly towards the school small gate with her new friend, Kayode when she bumped into a clumpsy guy. Tiwatope was a tall, chubby, dark-skinned lady, she was a nineteen-year old innocent girl. It was her first day in The University, She gained admission few weeks back and she resumed that monday, met with Kayode at the faculty, it was her first day in school too. She was a slim outspoken lady, she was an extrovert who talked freely. She had two things in common with Tiwatope, they were both outspoken and they shared the same hostel but different rooms. They had made jest of almost all their classmates from the classrep who brought a box to class, a lady who plaited her hair with a multicoloured attachments. As they were trekking to their hostel outside their the school small gate, they ran into a clumsy guy. Kayode was the first to noticed the guy who was dressed in a baggy black pant trousers, a white shirt, a blue cardigan, a black boot and a black backpack approaching them. She bursted into laughter and drew Tiwalade’s attention to the clumsy guy.

“Tee, see your husband” She said pinching Tiwa. They bursted into laughter.


It was his first day in The University, he resumed three weeks after resumption, after arranging his things in his hostel, he decided to check his department, he sighted two young girl approaching him, he took interest in the chubby lady and decided to approach them, he was wearing a white shirt, a blue trousers, a black pants and carried a black backpack, he had promised to dress well in school since his elder brother had advised he did to aymttract good friends and grades. He heart raced as he approached the two ladies who were laughing so hard that people around them were attracted to their laughter. He was slightly embarrassed but he had to talk to the chubby lady.

“Hello, I’m Gori but you can call me geeboy”he introduced himself. “Nice meeting you” he added quickly, he streched his hand for a handshake but the girl exchanged glances and laughed. He felt embarrassed and turned to leave.

“I am Tiwa, Tiwatope and here is Kayode, my friend.” He heard an angelic voice introduced, he turned quickly as the chubby lady stretched her right hand for a handshake. He shook her happily.

“Thanks. I’m a new students admitted to study English Education and I don’t know my way around yet, today is my first day in school.” He expressed.

“Whao! It means we are in the same faculty. I think your departmental building is beside ours.” Tiwa said.

“Can you please take me there or is it far?” He asked
“Yes, it is far and we can’t take you here!” Kayode said smiling wickedly. She dragged Tiwatope out leaving Gorilla all alone.

“What was that for?”Tiwa asked when the were some kilometers away
” Don’t you see that that rubbish boy was wasting our time.”Kayode answered rudely.
“But at least, he’s a fresher like us. We supposed to assist him.” Tiwatope said
“Tiwa, that boy is not our class moreso, all these boys are looking for lives to destroy and I don’t want us to familiarise with any of them.” She said.

“But what?” Kayode cut in.”Are you google map or is that what your parents send you here to do” She eyed her.


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