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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Days turn into weeks,weeks turn into months likewise month into years,things were moving smoothly in school,our friendship with BB and BY never slack,i always make sure i visit them to help them out with house chores,sumtym i go after skul or during skul period by break time. I always make sure i answer questions in class anytime corper teaches,i try to draw their attention. As usual one day @ my normal visit to BY,i got there after skul in the evening by 4pm to assist her in marking of script.when i got there i saw her marking our test script,so i join her

oh u are here,i thought u wouldnt come.

why wont I.

I ask her for the red pen and she gave me then i started marking script,it was a comprehension passage the answer were available,i continue marking and marking,i saw eric script and decided to help him out since he is my paddy*winks* making him have 8 while i have 9,other students were have 6 and below.i mark for 45mins the script was much,u knw govt skul with population. I notice she has been staring glances at me throught out my marking time,she was reading a book,when she discover am looking up she wil try focus on her book. This continue till i was done marking.

ma am done

oh realy,thanks alot,package them around there

Me: * i arrange them neatly at the corner of the table* can i go nw?

i forget to tell,today am going for a birthday of corper bukky in new york bar.are you coming with me?


common we are not wasting time there. After the birthday u can go home*putting a mischevious smile to convince me*

ok i wil be going with you

ok keep urself comfortable lemme get ready

she got to get a towel,while i switch on her t.v set and started watching “karate kid”. She remove her skirt,as it fell,i watch at it through the bck mirror bt as she try to look at me i immediately behave as if am focus on the t.v so she wont caught me staring at her,wow,the a-s was so big & sharp. I suddenly had a hard on my trouser bt i behave focus. After she remove the removable she storms out of the room and went to take her bath.

mehn thz incredible,see yansh,so big and large*i didnt knw when i exclaim*

10mins later she came out with the towel tied to her butt and her laps was expose. She clean her body and starts applying cream to her soft skin,mehn am dying over there pretending am watching film,my d--k was almost breaking bt thanks to my jeans trouser that hide it frm been seen. She continue seducing me all through,she was rubbing the cream in a romantic way,she later started applying manicure and penicure,she starts dressing.she wore a short blue gown,her figure8 was begging her to set her free.she wore a high heel and got her blue bag and started examining her self in the mirror.

how do i look *turning around to let me get a full glue of her body*

wow u look take away,so beautiful* i didnt knw when i said such words maybe the temptation was too much*

oh realy,owk lets go
i check my time it was 9pm,gush,thz gonna be an all night clubbing.we storm out of the rum and started moving to the road.we board a keke,she climb in and i sat besides her.i was dying intently,since the gown was short her laps was killing,so fresh,i was looking at it when she brought me bck frm my misery. ’lets go’ we alighted frm the keke and starts moving towards the party.The music was heard frm were we were coming frm,DJ tega was doing what he knws hw to do best with the song ‘i concur by timaya’ we located a sit and sat,she order for golberg and setzenbrau on the table.then the mc came up and starts talking about the celebrant,the cake was cut after the spelling of JESUS,The celebrant was called out,she was not looking bad either,she came out and started dancing,people were spraying her as she dance to the rythm of the song.after the celebration the mc left us in the hand of the DJ,music were bursting out frm the speaking,people started dancing with their babes.5bottles has been gulped in by BY.i was wondering “make thz gal nor go drunk oh,becux i cnt carry anybody home”

common boy dnt u knw how to dance? *the question was thrown like a bombshed i was not expecting it,so i pretended as if i did not hear,she repeated the statement again by hitting me playfully* DJ TEGA change the song to “your waist by inyanya” my brain bust as the beat was killing make i nor fall my hand,she got up and i went to her frm bck then started holding it,she was winning bad,i held the hips,mehn thats what have b dying for that is nw in my hand.we continue dancing,i use my skills by muving to different places,i was rocking her hands down for deal. We dance till 2pm then i notice the drink is having influence on her she became drunk and started saying rubbish.i held her and collected her bag

“hw do we go home nw..we started moving towards the junction as she staggard on the road,”

Bike,BIKE’corpers loudge’ i made her enta 1st while i climb frm behind as we move home
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