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Story of a Survivor

Story of a Survivor

I cannot remember when it actually started: I
mean when events took a drastic turn in my life.
I was a regular Girl growing up in a regular urban
environment in Enugu. Abakpa Nike is Urban at
least when compared to the likes of Ngwogo
Nike, Ibagwa Nike and numerous inaccessible
Villages in the State.

I was born the fourth successive female Child to
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Chinedu. I have three younger
siblings and the only boy being the youngest. His
name is Chinedu but we call him Junior.

Daddy was a contractor supplying Materials to
Companies like ANAMCO and EMENITE. He was
always on the move attending meetings and
interviews on week days and social functions at

Mummy taught at Army day secondary school,
now Command day secondary School Abakpa

The Family had four Cars: A Mercedes Benz 200
series, a 504 Peugeot Saloon Car, a 404 Peugeot
Pick-up van and a Hiace Bus. We lived in our
own House, a twin Duplex at the Federal Housing
estate Abakpa Nike, Enugu.

Growing up was fun, we were many in the
House, seven Children, two maids, extended
family members always visiting. Our House was
always a haven for meetings and parties as our
parent belonged to several associations
. Mum belonged to the Catholic association of Christian Mothers, Association of Ikwere women, Prudent Women association which is a credit and thrift society. She is also the P.R.O of the State
Chapter of the Nigerian union of teachers.

Daddy belonged to about seven social Clubs.

When he is not attending any social or serious
function, he plays Golf on Thursday evenings or
Saturday mornings. Dad always told us that Golf
playing is a link to People that mattered. Most of
the Contract deals he got were sealed on the
Golf Pitch and delivered in the office the next
day .

Dad never misses and appointment and is
the most time conscious person I have seen in
my life.

Most last Saturdays of the month, Dads Driver
would take the Children in the Hiace Bus to Polo
Park along Abakaliki Road for pure amusement.
While we run about the Park catching fun, Uncle
KC, Dad’s driver would be trying to ensure that
we do not stray out of his sight. To Us Kids it
was like playing hide and seek but to him, he
was protecting his Job! The amusement park is
located adjacent to the state owned Polytechnic,
The Institute of management and Technology.
Our Parent met in that Institution popularly
known by its acronym, I.M.T. Dad graduated with
upper credit grade in Building and Quantity
Survey department while Mummy graduated with
lower credit grade in Secretarial Studies. They
said their love story started on the stair case.
Dad would always reiterate on how they normally
steal glances at each other whenever they met
while one is ascending and the other descending
the stair case to and from their Lecture rooms
both upstairs on the same Building at Campus 3
independence layout Enugu.

On this fateful day, Daddy would boast: when
they met as usual, Daddy blocked Mummy from
passing through and challenged her: Come! Why
are you always stealing glances at me whenever
our Paths cross? How do you mean? Mummy had
asked. Any time I am on this stair case, you are
here too, anytime I turn around to stare at your
back side, you do the same too! Why? He asked
her. Mummy had blushed and was very
embarrassed. How can you say I turn back to
look at your back side! She said. Then why do
you turn around? To look at my long head? I
don’t know! She had said, maybe it’s just a
coincidence! Good! Dad said, At least you did not
deny turning back to stare at your husband even
though he has not approached you for that yet…
My name is Felix Chinedu Amadi, HND 1 Building
Department, I am from Rivers state and Ikwere
by tribe. She replied, I am Ogbonna Ada OND 1
Secretarial studies ,I am from Unubi in Anambra

Daddy could go on telling the same story over
and over while Mummy interjects intermittently
to affirm or oppose him.

They never got tired of discussing their relationship. Even the day Daddy
died on his bed at the University of Nigeria
teaching Hospital Enugu they had been
discussing and laughing till he died with a smile
on Lip…….That is the only sane and sweet part of
my Life and it died with my father. My name is
Deborah Adanne Amadi.


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