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Susan ekerete [completed]

Susan ekerete [completed]

This romance story about a single mother, Susan Ekerette. The series begins with a depiction of the stress she faces as a divorced woman saddled with the responsibility of sole custody of her precocious seven year old daughter, Cherish and the need to juggle a new career as an entrepreneur quantity surveyor in partnership with her best friend.It later evolves into a blow-by-blow account of how the handsome and personable Michael Davies enters her life as a tutor for her daughter and how their relationship grows from that of parent-teacher into friendship and then something more.The background of this love story is the intrigue created by the presence of Susan’s ex-husband Asuquo Udodiong who is insisting on remaining in the life of their daughter. His return brings drama and a bit of danger back into Susan’s life and she had to deal with keeping her daughter safe while simultaneously figuring out the intricacies of the connection between her and Michael Davies and the honesty of his own feelingsand intentions.Laced throughout with explosive passion and heart-melting emotion, the story rounds up with an action-filled c----x andthe ultimate victory of love eternal.The story was liberally laced with the usual suspense and a few unexpected twists and turns just to ramp up the anticipation for the succeeding episodes. It was truly an interesting and demanding experience for both writer and excited readers.

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