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A fight for love [completed]

A fight for love [completed]
( He is mine)

Have you ever heard of two best friends fighting over a guy???

Well it’s true.

Jane and Jessica were two best friends, always together …they love each other so much , they promise never to leave each other alone ..

They even made a besties diary which contains most of their promise and rules for each other.

*rule number 1 always be happy for your Bestie success

*rule number 2 .. Never let go of your Bestie no matter what , not even because of a guy

*rule number 3 …we must both have the same enemy ( my enemy must be your enemy)

*rule number 4..never hide your crush from your Bestie

*Rule number 5 ..no one can know your secret apart from your Bestie

* Rule number 6 ..whenever they both had issues , no one else can settle it, but they themselves and it must be with a cup of ice cream

* rule number 7 you can’t have another Bestie apart from me

*rule number 8 ..your best friend must be the first to know when you are in love

*rule number 9 …your best friend must be the first to wish you a happy birthday

*lastly rule number 10 ..never fall in love with your Bestie ex.

These are their rules… But what happen when there is a division caused by love.

When Jane fell in love with Jessica Ex.

She claim she doesn’t love the guy anymore but deep down she still does.

But how will she take it when she found out her own Bestie is in love with the same guy she loves.

Find out the power of love and obsession in this story!!

Find out the risk some can take just because of love .

Story written by mercy olawale


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