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Sex and Love - S01 E03 (Story Episode)

Sex and Love - S01  E03 (Story Episode)

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Johnson – it Derek

Me- Derek how will he do that to me

Johnson – he kidnapped your friend Liza also but I think someone else is with him so I will be watching over you so that he won’t hurt you

Me- thank you Derek is from Spain and he asked me out when I just got into California but I did not even give him a chance.

I think he is angry because am dating Johnson

Me- OK so how do we save Liza

Johnson – don’t worry about that my guys are working on it and soon they will discover their hideout

We discussed about other issues before he left for his house I still don’t get it if Derek kidnap Liza then am the least secured person he can kidnap

The next day Johnson called to tell me they already got the hideout I tried to follow him but he hanged up the call so I won’t get a chance to go with him

Night came no news from Johnson I called his number switched off, I got scared so I decided to go in search of him my self I got out on the streets checking virtually every corner in the street but I could not see him I lose hope and got back home. I was on my bed thinking before sleep took me to another land I woke up only to see my self tied on a chair alongside Johnson

Me- ahhhhh where am I

Liza- a place of no return

Derek – you s--t I told you that If you try to date another guy here I will make sure I kill him right in your presence.

This idiot here

Hey Derek watch it there our deal is you take your b---h I take my boy said Liza

Derek- hey Liza you better keep your dirty trash up before I smash is head A guy rushed in

Guy- Derek the police are on their way here

Next I heard was gunshots hitting Johnson straight at his chest I screamed I can’t believe itLiza shot me but the bullet hit my arm guess she made a mistake

That was all I could remember only to wake up at the hospital

Me- where am I Nobody responded nobody was there I gues

A nurse walked in and saw me awake

Norse – hey thank goodness you are awake you went unconscious for 3days

Me- what that long how is Johnson

Nurse – am sorry he is dead the bullet hit him right on his chest guess he used is last strength to save you I could not believe it No how can he be dead just like that I was discharged but the trauma of what just happened kept lingering in my brain I can remember the last moment we had together I wished I had given my self to him to have sex with me maybe he might use that to remember me in heaven

Weeks after weeks I got over the incident and get back to life. Liza is still alive and I must kill her no matter what she killed my boyfriend and I must kill her and Derek I heard they both escape and the police are still after them but I decided to take the laws into my hands I met up with a guy called BarryBarry is a well known gangster in California and I am sure he can do this job for me

Me- hi

BarryBarry – hey who are you

Me- am Nicky and I mean no harm trust me man

Barry – OK so why do you wanna see me

Me- I want you to help me finish a job

Derek – OK what is the job all about

Me- sure you know Derek and Liza and what happened need you to help me get them alive I want to kill them with my own hands

Barry – OK but I got two options for you first you pay me 5 thousand dollars and He got closer, I knew what he wanted but am not ready to give him my body

Barry – you

Me- what do you mean me

Barry- I want to feel your body

Me- you crazy I will pay you your money and you work for me

Barry- OK fine you pay me my money In cash tomorrow

Me- fine

you must be wondering how I got that kind of money After the incident I went to Johnson house I was sitting in the parlor when something caught my attention a bag was dropped on the dinning table.

First I thought it was a bomb but a part of me wanted to check it out so I followed my other mind I opened the bag to my greatest surprise the bag is full of money I quickly took the bag and board a cab straight to my home I count the money it 50 million dollars

**The next day I gave Barry the money and other information he need about the two of them He promise to get them in 3days

Third day gone no sign of Barry or the guys I asked him to get I started getting my doubts about Barry A month gone no news from Barry Early one morning a text message woke me up

Hey babe just here to tell you the battle line as just been drawn Barry is here with me check this He sent a picture of him and Barry chilling with my money I knew they are out of California Two years gone just a year left for me and I have gone really wealthy that even my parents are scared of my wealth Dad began suspecting if am having any dubious job

Dad- look Nicky

Me- yes dad

Dad- how did you get your money in two years you made over 500million dollars with nothing from your parents I explained everything to him and he was really surprised.

He advised me bla bla bla

One day I was in my newly acquired mansion when some guys tried to invade my house. Thanks to my guards they brought down 3 out of the guys and the rest where able to escape

The police investigate the matter and guess who sent them,

***** Barry and Derek

They want to kidnap me I still kept my virginity but my pusy always wants to feel something thick, Times I will use a cucumber or brush and all sorts of things in my precious home One day…

Guess what happened that day?•


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