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Forbidden Passion - S01 E25 (Story Episode)

Forbidden Passion - S01  E25 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 25

“Well I see no difference in you and your wretched mother..”veronica blurted out as I slapped her hard on her face immediately. .

No one dare talks bad about my mother….” what ?you slapped me ?”veronica said in shock cos she wasn’t eexpecting it…” yeah and I ll do it again if you speak one more word about my mother…you b---h ..!I replied in action ..I was boiling inside ….as she raised her hands to hit me back I grabbed it and looked straight to Vero eyes “I think you should try next time…because a b---h can’t hit a real woman like me!”Amelia said …”you call yourself a real woman.. well you are the only b---h here…. you went on to seduce my future husband ..but you know what ..we are getting married ..so your plan has failed gold digger …”veronicasaid“Hmmm…why are you here anyways?” I asked getting tired of the drama …

I just want her to leave as soon as possible …”well…I have something for you …here !”she gives Amelia an invitation card ..“Am inviting you personally to my engagement parTy…”as I collected it..I tore it instantly and threw it off her face…” well am not interested in coming but since you want me to come then I will be there…”Amelia spoke with coursge. “But you just tore the invitation card…well ok…then…you are free to come uninvited …just be there …and you ll see how I and Alvin love each other so much ..”“We ll see about that …now please leave my house …!”“Sure …!here stinks …”veronica said as she left with her troubles …jst then tears started falling down frm my eyes,as my mom joined me.. “sweetie,where’s the visitor? ” “Mom…she left. .”I secretly wiped off my tears pretending not to cry ..“But ..she didn’t even say good bye to me !”“There was an emergency so she had to leave…early…it’s late already ..am going to bed !”Amelia said leaving her mother… “I miss you so much …”Elio said drinking …..


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