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Forbidden Passion - S01 E29 (Story Episode)

Forbidden Passion - S01  E29 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29

I denied Alvin ‘s question as I faced another side ..he draws me back as I whispered into his ears “don’t you do anything funny Alvin..we are in a very crowded place..” I said “Why were you acting so cool with that b---h ?”Veronica asked her soon to be mother in law candella…”relax…now !all am doing is just to make peace ..I don’t want us to get accused of what might happen to her tonight.. that’s why am acting nice so please use your head and think before you act..”candella replied ..”what are your plans ?”“You just sit back and watch …” “Hmm ”Back to Alvin and Amelia discussing as Mr Martinez Alvin father interrupted “Hello “Mr Martinez interrupted I and Alvin argument…”good evening sir ..”I greeted him as he kept on staring at me..I wonder what’s going on here ..why do I feel like everyone is watching me …I excused my self from them…I needed some fresh air..as I was going straight to the bathroom… I saw Veronica laughing out loud as both of us eyes met …”how are you enjoying the party?”she asked ..”very well !”I replied“Oh really…well enjoy because you won’t enjoy it for long..”Veronica smiled as she exited …what does she mean by that..here is getting really heated …I know what to do…

I just think I should leave already …am tired of this d--n place ..I said as I grabbed my purse … meanwhile that was the time they wanted to exchange their engagements ring so I decided to leave without anyone noticing me but one person did notice me …”it’stime for the two love birds to exchange rings and be officially engaged ..”the priest said as… alvin was standing beside Veronica as he sighted me from afar leaving the party room…as he wanted to take a step.. Veronica dragged him back …”where are you going to…we are about to get engaged ?”she said silently… I’m mediately I left the party ground…

I was outside about to get a cab but I didn’t see any..Finally Alvin and Veronica got engaged as Alvin was forced to have a kiss with Veronica… immediately he let go off Veronica hands “where are you off to…to see that b---h Amelia right ..why can’t you just forget her even on this important day”“She’s the love of my life Veronica…so better start getting use to that already..”He walked out of the crowd as the audience starts to murmur…they were about to take photos and Alvin left just to check on Amelia…“Boss we already sighted her… what should we do ?”the unknown caller said as candella replied …”finish her…,she must not escape this one …”candella said smiling I was still walking down the street sobbing..I can’t believe Alvin actually got engaged to that lady I said as I was about to wipe my tears …I saw a shadow at my back..as I turned to look back..it was Alvin …”what are you doing here ?”I was surprised to see him here…”aren’t you supposed to be at your engagement party?see I don’t want to cause any problem between you and your wife ..please just leave ”“Am not married yet Amelia… it’s you I love Amelia….”“You love me and you got engaged to that …hmm Alvin...please leave me alone ..!”“Ok ..fine…you always fond of saying that …why can’t you just admit that you can’t bear seeing I and Veronica.. together…if you were too strong… why didn’t you stay at the party ?”Alvin asked as i just sat down on a high fence near the road side… he joined me … and we stared at each other for a while and both started kissing …

I just wanna forget about everything …

I can’t believe we are both kissing after his engagement party…we had a very deep kiss together …

While kissing Five hefty men interrupted …“Here they are…the Romeo and Juliet ..”one of the guys said as they all laughed ..this interrupted our kiss“Who are you guys and what do you want ?”Alvin asked with courage…as we both hold hands together ..”my love…let’s just leave this side ..”I said as we were about to move another guy blocked my side”hey where do you think you are going to…this is our territory …you can’t go anywhere until we say move !”“And who are you to stop us ?”Alvin asked “Alvin ..please don’t argue with them..”I said cooling Alvin temper down ..they are five and we can’t face them …just then the head of the gang cracked his gun pointing it straight to me …”hey hey hey drop the gun down ..relax”Alvin said as he moved closer to them …

I wonder what his plans was … immediately he reached the head of the gang side he struggled to get the gun as he told me to run “Amelia run…run..

Amelia !”“No…Alvin ..I can’t leave you here …”I said stepping back ward as the other four men started beating Alvin mercilessly while he was struggling to take the gun from the head of the gang …just then the bullet blew off…

Who got shot ?

Find out on the next episodes of Forbidden passion

To Be Continued..


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