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Gardener's daughter - S01 E11 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E11 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

While going to school I couldn’t think straight at all..I have two things tonight to attend to and I really don’t know where to start from.. immediately I reached the front of my school gate..I sighted Fernando..I had to leave one thing for the other..it’s best I don’t see Fernando..I said making up my mind not to go to his house tonight…

“Hey wassup..!”Fernando said coming through me ..”am cool..and you ..!”I asked
“Same babe..so let me give you the address to where we should meet..!”..”am so sorry Fernando..but I won’t be able to visit you tonight..maybe some other day..I have important things to do and if you ll excuse me..I have a class to attend to now…and am late..bye..!”as she was about to go Fernando grabbed her arms back ..”hey..you promised…me ..and you not fufilling it ..that’s not fair at all..now..!”Fernando said ..”oh please Fernando. ..I know I promised you but something very important came up and am sorry I can’t go to two place at once..!”

“Oh …your boyfriend wants to see you right ..well tell that bastard that there’s no chance..!”

“Huh..silly jerk..for you information ..I don’t have a boyfriend….!”

“Please my princess..just once..please baby doll..!”Fernando pleaded ..as I began to feel pity for d spoilt brat ..”ok..I will come..!”

“Yes..that’s my cutie ..!”Fernando said as he hugged me unexpectedly…I slowly resisted his hug..”I have to go now..just tell me ur address now!”

“Costa address the..”before Fernando could finish his statement azucena interrupted..”hi guys..!”she rushed up to hold Fernando’s hands…as I looked at them both…seems they are back together..”ok …!”I left immediately..I don’t wanna be the one in between the both of them…”how’s my queen doing..?”Fernando asked teasingly ..”just stop it ok …you think I didn’t see the way you were hugging that d--n b---h. ..what is wrong with you..what has that d--n b---h did to you that you care so much about her..?”

“Hey relax..I only care about ..you !”he said trying to hold her round her waist as she shifts back …”I don’t think so ..

Fernando..you are a lying b---h …but I love you like that my crazy mad fellow..!”azucena said as she tip toed a little bit …giving Fernando a very warm kiss on his lips..”that’s my woman ..!”Fernando hailed azucena..”oh quit whining already..I have to go now..see you later..I love you …!”

“Love you too..!”Fernando replied as azucena exited

“Today is the day I meet with my enemies ..!”Teca said clinking his glass of alcoholic drink with his daughter..”I want you to be present there..Isa!”
“Sure dad..I wanna meet with those two handsome gentlemen especially with the senior one…he’s much cuter..!”Isadora said
“Hmm ..just know you are there to make them suffer Isadora and I want her two sons dead …!”

“I know dad..but not today..!”
“Yes darling..time is ticking ..tick ..tock..tick ..tock..!”…”alright ..that’s my dad..I have to go get ready now..!”Isadora said as she stood up..dropped the glass of https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f377.svg as she exited …

In the beltrans mansion..inside the kitchen ..tiger and Nana discussing as Miguel entered..the kitchen…”well done everyone..!”Miguel greeted the Nana and tiger ..”my boy. ..!”tiger called out ..as Nana excused them..to go get ready for the party …”so…Mr del monte..did your daughter agreed to come to the party..?”
“Yeah ..it wasn’t that easy but I convinced her..though..so she’s coming..!”

“Wow..ok ..that’s cool..thanks so much sir..thanks very much .. please make your self comfortable..!”

“Oh ok..!”tiger replied wandering why Miguel was so d--n interested in his daughter ..

I was dressed in a beautiful red shining dress and a stiletto..my hair’s fell on my shoulders as I decorated it very beautifully..with a little makeup as I stared at my self ..I hope I haven’t done too much…I said feeling nervous for no d--n reason as I picked up my purse ready to leave. ..I called my dad immediately..letting him know that am on my way ..as I took a cab straight to Costa..

fortunately for me. ..the place my dad works is the same street of Fernando’s place..only that I don’t know the number of Fernando street …I only know Costa 309 which is the one of my father’s working place …am so confused right now …I said to myself while the cab man dropped me at Costa bus station..”thanks for the ride ..!”I said paying the cab man ..his money…I stood there not knowing where to start from..how could I be so foolish to not even ask the number of the street from Fernando..shit ..that was a huge mistake…I said to my self ..as I picked up my phone immediately from my purse calling him..”cmon..cmon..pick up the call !”I said to my self …

Fernando was busy playing video games in his room while..he had carelessly dropped his phone on the dining table..he was busy playing the games so seriously till his brother miguel barged in with his phone ..”bro..!”
“Hey what’s..up..!”


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