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Gardener's daughter - S01 E17 (Story Episode)

Gardener's daughter - S01  E17 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

“Please don’t go Rosie ..I really need you now more than ever ..!”Fernando said ..for the first time he was polite to me..but I won’t give him any chances because of his girlfriend..”just go tell that to azucena..nothing can ever happen between us..so quit perstering me..!”Rosie said as she removes her hands slowly as she exits for class
“Damnit..!”Fernando said..out loud..

Few days later
“Alright..everything set..mom..!”Miguel said packing his parents luggage inside the boot of the car..”I ll miss you both so much..you guys be careful ok..?”Miguel said as his father joined them..

Orlando..”take care of your little bro..ok..?”Orlando said..”make sure that you two get along in no time..!”Roxana advised..”I will mom..just enjoy yourselves..!”Miguel said..”I would have love to see Fernando before I leave but his still at school..”Orlando said..”hey..it’s not the end of the world dad..!”Miguel replied..”that’s right my love..we are getting late now..let’s get going..!”Roxana said as they both entered the car as their chauffer droved them off..Miguel waved till he didn’t see their car any longer..he dipped his hands to bring out his phone as he texts his brother..”bro..dad and mom..just left..we need to talk..!”

In Zaron Hotel..Isadora and Fernando laying on the bed..stacked naked with blankets on him..as Isadora lays her head on his chests..”you are really good in bed you know..?”Isadora said..as Fernando ignored her statement..just then the msg from his brother came in..”dad..and mom just left ..we need to talk..”

“Huh..shit..!”Fernando said as Isadora sat down very well on the bed..”what’s up with you..you ve been acting strange lately..!”

Isadora was never interested in Fernando….but Fernando called her earlier to keep him company since they didn’t finish their discussion the other day at the party..so isadora came to see Fernando not because she’s interested in him but because she needed more information about his parents outing…she smiled and rubbed Fernando’s shirt..”cmon..you can tell me anything..am here for you ..you know..!”Isadora said..”hmmm..are you sure..

because years ago my bro said same and now his doing the quite opposite..!”Fernando said..”of course..am here..for you..what did your brother did to you..and why aren’t you answering his texts or picking up his calls..?”Isadora asked..”because he stole my girl..that’s why..!”Fernando said..”huh..do you have a girlfriend..?so what am I then..your sex toy..?”Isadora asked playfully hoping she gets something outta him..”no..no..you know this is the first time we did it..and you are a very bad chick…and yeah..you are my sexy mama..but the girl he stole from me..is my true love..I love her..and that bastard took her away from me..!”

Fernando said angrily..”does your parents know anything about it..?”Isadora asked..trying to twist Fernando tongues..in her mind..who wouldn’t love Miguel..his a gentleman..not like you who only wanna sex girls like Dawgs..

“Nope..Miguel doesn’t know too..he doesn’t know that the same woman I love is the same woman he also love..!”Fernando said

“Well speaking of your dad…my father wants to meet up with him this evening..!”Isadora lied..”oh ..really..my dad and mom…left for Miami at our beach house..there..!”

Fernando said..”oh…can you give me the address so my dad should go meet them there..?

”Isadora asked..”huh..they are there to both have fun so why do you need the address..?”Fernando asked..”it’s something really urgent..and my dad needs your father’s help..it’s very urgent..and it could put their business into bad shape..!”Isadora lied again and again..”hmm..my bro will take my father’s place then.. besides if it was that important..my dad would have settled up things with your father”

Fernando said..again..”well my dad came up with a new business idea which your father doesn’t know anything about..that’s why he wants to tell your dad..!”isadora said..”he can call him..or wait till he’s back..they are just gonna be there for three weeks..!

”Fernando said..”my father can’t wait till three weeks..ok..just give me the address already..or else the business is gonna be over..!”Isadora said again..”huh…really..thought we were gonna have a good time..!”Fernando said..”yeah sure..but first tell me the address..!”Isadora said as she sat on Fernando’s laps massaging his body..”ok..fine..I ll text you the address..but for now.. let’s do the business we do best..!”Fernando said as he raised up Isadora legs..


“School was a bit stressful..but it’s ok..have you eaten anything..?”

Rosie asked her father..”no am still busy honey..I just told you to come here because I missed your face..sweetheart..!”tiger said..”oh father.. quit exaggerating..I need to go home soon..I have lots of assignments and stuffs to do and the last thing I want is to run into that idiot… Fernando..!”

Rosie said..

As I was discussing with my father..the handsome gentleman interrupted..”how’s the most beautiful lady in USA doing..?”Miguel said coming forth with a Ross flowerhttps://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f339.svg
“Oh..quit whining already..you just like my father..!”I said and before I knew it my dad was out of the picture..”where did he go to..?”I asked my self..”don’t you worry cutie..he won’t be gone for too long..daddy’s girl..”Miguel teased”yeah..my dad is my pride..you know..and I have to go now..see you later..bye..!” Rosie said as she wanted to leave..he held her arms..”wanna go out for dinner..?”Miguel asked..”well am so sorry..I am very busy with studies and I have to wake up very early the next morning..!”Rosie…said”oh..ok..you can go now..!”Miguel said..he didn’t want to bother her..as he wanted to leave her..she stopped him..”so..how are you doing..?”Rosie asked..”

I thought you said you wanted to leave now..?”Miguel said..”well I just changed my mind..I wanna stay here..! Or you want me to leave huh..?I can go if you want..!”

Rosie..”there’s no way I would ever want you to leave my side..even forever if possible..am not doing so well..!that’s why I wanted to talk to you..!”Miguel said..”I can see..you look very stressed..you don’t mind sharing your problems with me..now do you.. you’ve always helped me..now I wanna help you as well.. what’s the matter..huh?”Rosie said not knowing when she started to show more concern on Miguel..”well..I have a problem with my brother..you said you know him..?”Miguel asked..”yeah very well..and it’s best if we don’t talk about him..!”Rosie said..

“Why..do you know him that much..?tell me ..is there something I don’t know..?”Miguel asked..”huh..I and your brother had been really good friends..!”Rosie said as she told him everything about Fernando and how they met..in school..everything..

“Am so sorry…!”Rosie said..”hey..it’s not your fault..so..do you love my brother..?”Miguel asked..”I don’t know..all I want is for you and your brother to get back together..I mean it..!”Rosie said..”of course we will now..that I know everything about you guys..!”Miguel said


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