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Things We Do For Love - S01 E15 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E15 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15

“thanks to Baraza you can say hi to me again. Missing me is’nt part of our agenda mitchy. What do u want?” I angrly asked her.

‘ Thanks to him for sure!’ she replied. ‘its u Twino that i want,’ she continued.

“Me? Me what?” I asked back. “To forgive me and allow me back into your life,” she said. “My life. One that u wanted to ruine?” I asked. ‘Yes!’ she replied. “To forgive you? Is that what you asks? Are you not ashamed of asking that?” I asked her.

‘Twino please.’ She beged. ” I dont think you deserve it! Infact am no longer the Twino u knew. Am someone now.” I wrote back. “Twino please i will explain.” she said. I was angry. Not just with her but also with my self being. I wasnt in the right mood to forgive mitchy nor anyone else.

‘It doesnt matter now! You already did it! U cant explain it anymore.’ I said to her. “Unblock me please! I want to talk to u my beib.” she said to me!
‘Am so much sorry.’ she said. “Sorry! Were you…

“Sorry? Were you sorry before u did it nah? Before u let Fred do it and the wreckles nudised pics he sent me! Eeeh! Were u sorry then? I demanded to know. As always we men a jealous of the sharering power. We never want to share what our women have nomater the cost we encounters. And the word ‘sorry’ is one that i hate most. It can mean good or harm. Mitchell dint bother using it. “sorry please! I had no choice Twino. He made me do it. He forced me!” She complained. ” He made u do it? With a gun pointed at your head?” I wanted to know. ” Noo! Twino am sorry for what i did! Am sorry for what you think i did and the decisions u made trying to erase the memory of me in you and everything i did to hurt u! Am sorry that you hate me! I hope u know that i did’nt do it.” mitchy replied me. “Do u think i know that?” i asked her. “i know you do! I dont want to lie to you Twino. I dont know what to do without your comfort. I dont know what to do if u real go firs if…

… if u real leave! I cant stop reading and rereading our old conversations chatting with you.” She said. “Mitchy you broke my heart into infinity pieces, my heart upto now its in pieces it dont want to heal. You broke it. You did it to me.” I texted her back.

I could remember how fred had sent me mitchell’s 4 naked pictures in different localities. One was taken from the kitchen cause i could remember seeing kitchen worktops and electric cooker was visible. They were deep kissing. The second it was visible that it was shot at the living room. I could see tv set far at the corner of the picture. They were both half naked and in deep romancy action. Fred seemed to enjoy what was mine. The third and forth wer both on bed though they were still half naked its tough to believe that the did’nt do it. Yes f-----g their time together. Remember they must have been three in the chambers. That is the shooter included. Am yet to know him or her! I swear to have him/her…


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