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Things We Do For Love - S01 E16 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E16 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 16

I swear to have him/her pay for what they conspired to do with Mitchy.

Were they intending to shoot a pornographic video? For sure mitchy have to convice me that they never intended to do that! Mitchell my darln friend.

One with a well shaped curves, Deep and perfect fitted dimpoles.

One with the best intriguing smile flat lying on bed with a man. A man that wasnt me! Hmmm! I cant stop imagining that. What pains me the most is the message that followed the pictures that Fred had sent to me.

‘Come and see’, was the introductory sentence written in capital letters that invited me in reading the text.

‘Come and see how your girlfriend is parting her for us. She is lovely to look at and sweet to have just like all b---h are. Come and see.’ the text read. My girlfriend being termed as b---h is what made me cry. I hate what i loveing being termed as b---h.

Mitchell was not a b---h even if she was. She was to lovely to be called that.

“SHE IS’NT A B---H!” I replied back. I wished i was so close..

I wish i was so close to him. I would have punched right on his face and teach him on how to refer on others bebs and the respect to all women. F-----g a girl doesnt give you a chance of branding her b---h, does it?.
Fred replied back saying, ” come on brod, this girl is a f-----g b---h. If she isnt why i and my friend a sharing her here on her own bed? Why she take us two and not you . You lost it brother, anyway come and see for yourself. She is a bloody b---h and you know that brothe.” This was so much painful and open truth right at my face.

She has chosen the two against me as Fred said. This wasnt fare to me. She decipised me.

She renders me worthless. She betrays me. I love her.

Mitchy why this to me. I could not defend my self against Fred hamerring. He had her allready.

“I will take my heart,” i said to myself though it was tough at my side. “Mitchy have to explain this. She must say why she did this.” i shouted
“Send me a video,” i replied Fred


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